Maintain your Mercedes E-Class boot in top condition with a boot-liner

One of our most popular boot liners is the Mercedes E-Class 2010 – 2016 model, so, when we heard that the new model had been released, we knew we had to get our hands on it. And, now, we are pleased to present the new Hatchbag boot protector for the Mercedes E-Class 2016 on.

The Mercedes E-Class Estate rivals models such as the Volvo V90 and Audi A6 Avant. It has a boot space of 640 litres with the second row of seats in the upright position and 1820 litres with the second row of seats folded flat. You also have the option of splitting the seats 40/20/40 meaning that the Mercedes E-Class Estate boot is versatile to suit your needs. Plus the load room area with the second row of seats lies flat making the boot a very practical space indeed. The boot comes with a powered tailgate and more legroom space than earlier versions of the model.

So, with all that space to be utilised whether it is packing up the car with luggage for a family holiday, or, providing room for the family pooch as you drive to your favourite walking destination, you are going to want to make sure that mud and dirt remain at bay. And the Mercedes E-Class boot liner does just that. The liner is made from reinforced material and is tailor-made to fit the contours of your boot to not only provide protection but to also keep your boot looking stylish. Plus, with a choice of seven colours, we are sure you will find one that matches your car's interior. So head over to our Mercedes page now to customise your boot protector.

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Keep mud at bay in your Fiat 500X boot with our brand new boot protector

With its retro design and improved space compared to the original Fiat 500, but smaller than its sister the Fiat 500l, the Fiat 500X is the perfect vehicle for young families and fashionistas alike. The car comes as a standard 5 door hatch and is a perfect city runaround.

The boot comprises of 350l with the row 2 seats upright and 1000l with the row 2 seats folded flat. Plus, the boot comes with a removable floor meaning you can either opt to have a raised/flush boot or a deeper boot. And here at Hatchbag we have taken this on board and designed two boot-liners so that you can choose which one is most suitable to your needs. So, whether you are taking your four-legged friend, or loading the boot up with shopping, the Hatchbag Fiat 500X boot liner is the perfect accessory for keeping your boot clean but also looking stylish.

All our boot liners come in 7 colours so that you can match your boot protector to your car’s colour. Plus, we also offer an array of optional extras such as a bumper flap, rear seat flap and tailgate cover. Customise yours today here:

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Another new boot-liner to join the Hatchbag family - the Lexus RX (2016on)

The Lexus RX 2016on comes in two variations, the normal version and the hybrid version and here at Hatchbag, we have come up with a pattern which fits both variations. The Lexus RX 2016on version is the largest RX to date and is ultimately one of the biggest SUVs on the market, competing with the likes of the BMW X5 and Audi Q7. And even though it is so big, it is also a comfortable car, so great for both the driver and passengers.

The boot offers 435l of space with the seats upright and 924l of space with the seats folded flat, so a good amount of space for your pooch to get comfortable as you drive towards the walking destination of the day. If you want to offer your furry friend some more space then you can either fold the seats flat 60/40 or all together. In some of the models, there is also a powered tailgate cover, which means, you can open the boot by hovering your hand or elbow over the Lexus badge, as long as your car keys are in your pocket.

So, with all those journeys to be made, you will want to keep your boot clean and the Lexus RX 2016on boot liner offers the perfect protection. It comes in an array of 7 colours with a number of optional extras, meaning you can create the solution that suits yours and your family needs. Click here for more information: Lexus RX 2016on

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Keep your Peugeot 308 SW 2014on boot in tact with a Hatchbag boot-liner

The Peugeot 308 SW is bigger than its sister hatch version, providing more space for passengers, furry friends and luggage alike.

With a number of competitors in the estate category, for example, the Volkswagen Golf Estate, Seat Leon ST, Skoda Octavia Estate and Ford Focus Estate, the Peugeot 308 SW does well to boast of one of the biggest boots in the range. So, with all that extra room both in the boot and for passengers, the Peugeot 308 SW is a great all-round family car.

There is a total of 660l of space in the boot with the seats upright and once the back seats are folded down then there's a whopping 1775l of space to be utilised. Plus, the back seats fold down completely flat making the space more practical to use.

So, with all that space offered, you will want to make sure your boot remains in tip-top condition and a Hatchbag boot protector offers the perfect solution for keeping dirt and grime at bay. And with the extra space with the seats folded flat, why not opt for either a Rear Plus or Rear Split version.

The Rear Plus allows you to fold your backseats down altogether, whereas the Rear Split version allows you to fold your backseats down altogether or individually. So go on and customise your boot protector here: Peugeot 308 SW

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The UK’s Favourite Car Brands, Models and Colour

From supercars to well worn-bangers; Britain is in LOVE with its motors. In 2016, the British public added another 2.69 million new cars to the road which is a growth rate of 2% year on year. Consequently an immense total of over 38 million cars are now on Britain’s streets, with the love for a sweet ride differing in all aspects of size and function. Varying from functional hatchbacks to full-size 4x4s and even hybrid electrics – Britain has a brand or model for every personality.

But which car brand has won the hearts of the British public? Which car model are Britons in love with? And what colour do they want their new ride coated in? To find out, we’ve data-mined through every registered car in the DVLA database to uncover the secrets of Britain’s car habit.

UK favourite car brands

Although their market share has been decreasing over the last few years (see below), the American giant Ford are the dominant car brand in the UK. With over 4 million cars on Britain’s roads, the only real competitor is Vauxhall which has nearly a million fewer cars on the road. The most ‘expensive’ brand to feature in the top 20 was Mercedes which impressively finished 9th in the results while the two other high end brands, BMW and Audi, performed fairly well finishing 5th and 7th respectively.

While little has changed over the past three years, there are some obvious winners and losers. Audi has made an impressive jump from 9th most popular in the UK to 7th, while Kia, a brand that started 19th in the analysis in 2013 managed to sell over a 100,000 cars in three years, improving its ranking to be 16th most popular.

The Nation's Favourite Car Models 2016

UK favourite car models

Next, we took a close look at Britain’s favourite car models. Analysing over 38 million registered car models in the UK, it was the Ford Fiesta Zetec which came out on top in 2016. In fact the Ford brand managed to take the top three places in our Model analysis, with the Mini Cooper managing to be the only non-Ford model to break into the top six. Other popular models include the Fiat 500, the Volkswagen Golf and the Renault Clio.

The Nation’s Favourite Car Colours

The data we received enabled us to also examine the colours registered against cars in the UK from 2006 through to 2015. Below you will see two graphics. One displaying the change from 2011 to 2016 and the other showing the change in colour preference from 2006 through to 2011. Analysing 31 million cars across the UK, Silver/Aluminium was the favourite colour in 2011 with a staggering 7.3 million painted this colour. Over a million behind, blue and black are the UK’s second most popular car colour with just over 6 million cars coated this colour. Interestingly, white has surged in popularity in the last 10 years while the demand for a red car has dropped off extensively. Meanwhile, multi-coloured cars still seem to be a popular choice, with just under 8000 cars opting for a tacky tinge. Make use of the interactive charts below to analyse the data further.

UK favourite car colours Nations Favourite Car Colours 2

While the chosen colours have largely remained the same, the biggest trends seem to be the decline in people choosing blue cars which correlates with the rise in silver car popularity. The other notable trend is the significant drop in love for a green coloured car. Within the space of 5 years there is over a million fewer green cars on the UK market.

A Fresh New Liner for the Ford S-Max (2015on)

As a firm family favourite, Ford have updated their original Ford S-Max model, offering families more practicality and room than ever before. Steering away from the abundance of new SUVs that have entered the market, this new MPV is great for transporting kids, grown-ups and not forgetting the family pooch as well.

There is also a lot of space on offer in the boot with the third row of seats folded flat you have 965 litres to play with and if you fold the middle row of seats down as well, then you have 2020 litres on-hand, meaning that you have plenty of room to load up the boot for any trips to the tip you may need to do.

ford_smax_002 copy

Hatchbag boot-liner

So, in order to keep your family car spic and span, why not treat you and your car to our tailor-made boot protector for the Ford S-Max (2015 on). All of our liners are made from reinforced PVC and act as a second skin, protecting your car boot from muddy paws, pram wheels, camping equipment, gardening materials and anything else you transport in your car boot.

With the liner coming in an array of 7 colours, you can customise the perfect solution for your vehicle here: Ford S-Max 7 seater.

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3 Things Every Car Owner Should Have

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our car boots, whilst others keep enough packed in their car boots to live comfortably for weeks. Somewhere in between all of this are three things that we believe every car owner should definitely always have to hand.

1. An extra tyre

No one likes the idea of being stranded because they’ve suffered a flat tyre, which is why having a spare in the vehicle at all times is essential.

To keep you up and running, it would be wise to store these in your boot:

  • A spare tyre in good condition
  • A small plastic sheet to kneel on
  • A pair of gloves to protect your hands
  • A torch with a spare battery
  • Your registered vehicle handbook

Further advice on how to change a car wheel can be found in this handy AA guide.

2. GPS

Although smartphones can now run a variety of navigation apps, the trusted car GPS should not be viewed as a redundant gadget. Why?

  • Battery life

GPS apps on your smartphone use a large amount of battery power, which means your phone might not even make it all the way through the day if you’re doing numerous trips requiring navigation.

  • Safety

Having to look down or across at your smartphone navigation app can be a very hazardous encounter.

Buying a specific mount to place your phone would make things safer, however, with the clamping down on drivers who use their phone whilst driving, it’s better to use the GPs, after all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Data

Smartphone GPS apps use lots of data which can be a major drawback for smartphone users. Dedicated navigation devices don’t tend to have a subscription fee, so you can navigate as much as you need for free.

3. Hatchbag boot-liner

Keeping the boot of your car in pristine condition can be a tough task, and with daily trips somewhat unavoidable, it’s not long before your boot can collect an unwanted amount of grit and dirt. So, why not make this a thing of the past by investing in a Hatchbag boot-liner?

The Hatchbag Company creates boot-liners specifically designed to fit more than 520 cars, acting like a second skin within your boot so that no dirt, grit or fur from pets can sneak through any gaps.

Made of a tough PVC material that can be easily cleaned, a Hatchbag boot-liner fits perfectly into the corners of your boot and best of all; it can also help to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable while they travel.

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Keep your brand new Renault Kadjar (2015on) boot spotless with a Hatchbag boot protector

The Renault Kadjar (2015on) has a lot in common with the Nissan Qashqai, as well as competing against other small SUVs such as; the Kia Sportage and Skoda Yeti, for which we manufacture tailor-made boot liners for.

The French small SUV is brilliant for families, as it is a practical car with low running costs. And, for all those drivers who like to drive in a high riding position then the Renault Kadjar will not disappoint, meaning that not only is the car great for passengers but also for the driver as well.

Plus, whether it be packing up the car boot with walking gear, picnic baskets or the family pooch for a day trip outdoors, or, packing the car with suitcases for those family vacations, the Renault Kadjar offers enough space to fulfil your requirements.

labrador in car boot with liner

The Kadjar offers 472 litres of space in the car boot with the back seats in an upright position and if you want to give your four-legged friend/s more room in the back of the car, or, if you are doing a spring clean and need to make some journeys to the tip then fold your back seats down for 1478 litres of space to be utilised.

One thing is for certain, no matter what you use your car boot for you will want to keep it in tip-top condition. So what better way than with a Hatchbag boot liner. All our boot-liners come in a range of seven colours along with a number of optional extras including a bumper flap and tailgate cover, enabling you to customise the perfect protecting solution for your family needs.

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New Year New Boot Liner: And we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Honda HR-V (2015onwards) model

From the alleged creators of the mini-SUV category, Honda has brought out their new edition to this class, the Honda HR-V. It is a comfortable car, suitable for families and allows four to five adults to sit comfortably in the vehicle.

The size of the car is more on par with the Nissan Qashqai rather than the Renault Captur, Vauxhall Mokka and Nissan Juke, all of which fit the mini SUV bill. And thus, it comes as no surprise that the boot space entails 470l, which is 40l more than the Nissan Qashqai. And, if you fold the seats down you have 1533l of space, 250l bigger than the CX-3 and 350l bigger than the Nissan Juke.

So with all that space at your disposal, you will want to make sure your car boot is kept in tip-top condition and what better way than with a Hatchbag boot liner. Plus, why not make use of all the extra capacity by opting for either the Rear Plus (allows you to fold your backseats down altogether) or the Rear Split, (allows you to fold your backseats down individually or all together). And with an array of 7 colours to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect matching solution to your vehicle.

We even put our Honda HR-V boot liner and Hatchbed mat up to the test with our four-legged golden retriever friend, Ollie, who has given the boot liner and mat the paws up! He was even more delighted that he now had somewhere comfortable to lie down, following a wintery walk in the park.

H0638-Ollie dog

So, click here to customise the perfect boot protector for your family’s needs.

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Spruce up your Porsche Macan car boot with a Hatchbag boot protector!

The new SUV by Porsche is loosely based on the Audi Q5, but, with the Porsche Macan’s renowned design and features, which Porsche fans have come to know and love. The Macan does not dissapoint and is a spacious SUV, in which five adults can happily fit in the car.

So, with all the space for passengers then there has to be plenty of space in the boot to not only carry your furry friends but also luggage, prams, shopping and all the necessities needed for a family excursion. And, again the Porsche Macan does not disappoint, as it offers 500 litres of room in the car boot, as well as a 40/20/40 split, meaning that you can fold down the middle seat for larger loads whilst also having two passengers in the back.

Therefore, with all that space and versatility in the back of the car, you will want to make sure your car boot is left in tip-top condition. And, here is where Hatchbag steps in, as our customised boot liners are perfect for protecting your boot. Plus, if you want to be able to fold your seats down individually, then we offer a rear split option, which allows you to do just that, as well as the ability to fold down the seats altogether. Plus, we also offer further options such as, a bumper flap, rear seat flap and tailgate cover. So, whatever requirements you require for your family’s needs, we are sure to have the option that suits you.

So, give your Porsche Macan car boot the ultimate treatment with one of our boot liners: Porsche Macan boot liner.

And send us a picture of your Porsche Macan boot liner in situ, as we love to see our products on the road. You can post them on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us on Twitter @HatchbagCompany or post them on Instagram @thehatchbagcompany and we will be sure to repost, retweet and regram all your photos.

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