5 reasons why we love dogs

If you know the team at Hatchbag, you’ll know we’re crazy about dogs. With a plethora of films, books and websites now devoted to all things canine, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best things about our four-legged friends.

weimaraner-puppy-dog-snout-97082 (2)

1) Endless love

If you own a dog, you’ll know the excitement and love you feel when you’re reunited with your pet. Whether it’s walking through the door after a long day at work or when a loved one brings the dog home after a long walk. They’ll dance at the door and become deliriously ecstatic to see you.

2) They’re the perfect exercise partner

Living in a world where we’re often strapped for time, it’s easy to fall into the couch potato mentality when we get home from work. One look at your dog’s little face, however, will have you reaching for the lead and marching out the door, trainers on feet ready to burn some calories.

What’s more, dogs need at least a half a half-hour walk most days, which is great for both us and them.

3) Dogs are the cheapest shrinks around

When you need a shoulder to cry on or a friendly face to offload to, you know you can always turn to your four-legged companion.

With most dogs loving nothing more than a good cuddle, you’ll feel instantly uplifted as they rest their head in your lap, reminding you that their love is endless.

4) A dog is a (Wo)Man’s best friend

No matter whether your dog is at puppy stage or within the regality of its later years, a dog will ALWAYS be there to supply you with love, support, happiness and gratitude – all the qualities we look for in a best friend.

5) Protection

A dog will always look to protect his/her owner & loved ones. It’s within a dog’s DNA to protect their territory, and from puppyhood, you can see a dogs desire to watch and be aware of anything coming into sight that might harm either them or their owners.

Just talking about dogs makes us excited to see ours. So, if you, like us, are planning to take the dogs out soon, be sure to pack your Hatchbag boot-liner to ensure that no unwanted stains or marks land in the boot of your car.

Also, if you do get out walking, let us know what you guys get up to by sending some snaps in. Check out @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram or @HatchbagCompany on Twitter.