Beginners Guide for Watching the Masters

It is arguably the greatest golfing tournament in the sporting calendar. Now in its 82nd year, the Masters takes place annually at the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club during the first week of April. If this is your first time watching the Masters then read our top tips below to get the most out of the greatest golf on the best course in the world.

Full of History

In order to understand the prestige in becoming a Masters Champion, you must first understand the tournament’s history. Since its birth back in 1934, the Masters had provided viewers with a number of unforgettable highs as well as some lows! One can never forget Tiger Wood’s unforgettable record-breaking maiden victory back in 1997, or Bubba Watson’s champion clinching hook shot in 2012. One thing is for certain, the Masters will never disappoint when it comes to excitement!


The tournament boasts a number of traditions, the most notable of which is the famous ‘Green Jacket’. Since 1949, a green jacket has been awarded to the winner of the tournament. However, the jacket isn’t theirs to keep; one year after their victory the winner must return the jacket to the clubhouse for storage in a specially designed cloakroom. The jacket still belongs to the winner, but is stored alongside other champion’s jackets.

Should a golfer win the Championship on multiple occasions then the same green jacket is awarded upon his initial win (unless it needs to be refit)

The Course

The Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world. The private club has around 300 members only, and one can only become a member through invitation only. The course is renowned for being one of the most challenging in the world, in which every shot counts. Taking time out in the bunker is not an option and anything under par should be considered a miracle; no matter your world ranking.

Everyone Loves an Underdog

Seeding and ranking mean (almost) nothing when it comes to the Masters. So, don’t just focus on the big names such as Tiger and Rory, but rather keep an eye on the underdogs. After all, one of the major attractions of this tournament for viewers is the unpredictability. Anything and everything can (and will) happen when it come to this legendary tournament.

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