The team here at Hatchbag have been hard at work over the past few weeks creating 5 new templates to add to our collection of boot liners for over 400 different car makes and models.

The new templates include a custom fit boot liner for the Mercedes Benz B Class. Packed with intelligence the Mercedes B Class is made for driver and passenger comfort, with a spacious and beautifully appointed interior the latest B-Class has comfort and convenience at its core. We have even catered for the adjustable boot floor, and have two boot liners available to suit your needs and ensure ultimate protection for your car boot.

The Hatchbag team have also developed a boot protector for the Vauxhall ADAM (2012 onwards) with two different boot liner designs offering different levels of protection for your car boot. The bold design of the Vauxhall ADAM has thousands of customisation options, so owners can truly create an ADAM that suits their personality. Even the ADAM’s body kits come with distinctive attitude, with plenty of personalisation options and a choice of funky colours. Luckily all of our boot liners also come in a range of colours too so you can match your boot cover to your car!

We have also developed a boot protector for the new Mazda3, an exhilarating and sporty Hatchback with low fuel consumption and eye-catching design. With stop start technology the Mazda3 is ideal for long journeys. Here at Hatchbag, we know that long journeys normally mean wear and tear on your vehicle, so we have designed a boot cover that will offer the ultimate protection for your car. All of our boot liners are made from high quality PVC fabric and are designed to perfectly fit the inside of your car boot ensuring that it is kept in showroom condition.

We are continually looking to develop templates for new car makes and models. So if you would like us to look at making a boot cover for your car please let us know! If we receive enough interest in a certain vehicle then we will design a boot liner!