Spring is in the Air

After what feels like the longest winter ever, spring is finally upon us. Gone are the days of leaving work at 17:00 in darkness to now leaving with the sun in our sights to do more things outside. And in all the excitement of the new season beginning, here at Hatchbag, we have come up with a few things you can do to kick-start your spring.

1. Spring Cleaning

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to sort out anything you no longer want or need and to give your house a good spring clean. And with the brighter and longer days, it is the perfect time for doing a car boot sale, taking old stuff to the tip or taking unwanted stuff to a charity shop. And, we can guarantee that once you have done your spring clean, you will feel so much better for it.

a dog waiting to come inside

2. Gardening

Spring is the perfect season for gardening as the soil warms up and flowers begin to bloom. Pop along to your local garden centre and pick out some new plants and seeds to brighten up your garden. Then once you return, don some old clothes and get your hands green, while enjoying the perfect spring weather. Best of all; bring some of your spring garden indoors, by picking your own beautiful spring flowers.

3. Walking & cycling

At last, it no longer feels that the day is over at 17:00. So after work, why not grab the whole family for an evening walk. What better way to end the day than enjoying the lovely spring weather after a day in the office or at school. Or, why not dust off the bikes in the garage or shed and go for a pedal with the family. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking/cycling around the block, down a quiet country road or across an open field; it’s just great to make the most of this perfect weather.

two children walking ourdoors

4. Making the most of rainy days

We all know that April showers gets its name from somewhere, but, don’t let this put a downer on what you have planned this spring. Instead why not make the most of it and be sure to brighten up your little ones day with the following activities;

  • Getting muddy – kids and four-legged friends alike love jumping and rolling around in the mud. And for those who like making things then why not make a mud pie. Just make sure you have a spare set of clothing with you, once your outdoor adventure has ended.
  • Puddles – find your reflection, splash in the water or see if you can spot any outdoor treasure.
  • Take a look at nature – Once the kids have stopped jumping into puddles and making mud pies then take a look around to see what nature is out there. In wet weather, all kinds of creatures take to the surface, so, go and see how many you can find?

Whatever the weather this spring and no matter what you get up to, one thing is for sure, your Hatchbag boot-liner will come in very handy; whether it be stopping your boot from getting damaged as you spring-clean, or, preventing mud from getting into the carpet from a day at the garden centre and also from wet and mucky dogs and clothes alike.

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Happy spring everyone!