Hatchbag's top walks for you and your furry pooch this autumn

Dogs are wonderful creatures, they’re loyal, they’re cute and all they ask for in return is a little love. So, what better way to show it to them than with a walk? Here at Hatchbag, our work-experience student, Harry has been searching around the country to find the best places for you, the family and your four-legged friends to enjoy this autumn.

Sheffield Park

If you’re living in the South East then why not pay a visit to the Gardens at Sheffield Park. This National Trust location fully welcomes dog walkers and offers an excellent experience for all the family, with autumn being one of the best times of year for you to visit these lovely grounds. Here your dogs can jump through the streams or play in the 250 acres of beautiful woods and grassland.

Dartmoor National Park

If, however, you are based in the South West of England then there are no shortage of lovely walks and parks. However, one that definitely stands out is the Dartmoor National Park. This stunning location is the perfect place to take your dog out for a whole day of fun and enjoyment. And if you want to do more than just take a walk, then why not participate in one of the many activities on offer such as cycling, horse riding, climbing, canoeing, and letterboxing etc. So, whatever takes your fancy you will be sure to find something for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Lyme Park

Perhaps you are looking for a day out in the North of England. And one of the most stunning parks, full of natural beauty with a magnificent house and gardens is Lyme Park. There are over 1400 acres to explore in this beautiful park, offering you an array of different walks to take in the best views at Lyme. And whilst you’re rambling through the magnificent views, keep an eye out for the deer, who are sure to make a spectacular appearance.

Northumberland National Park

Or, if, you are venturing or based even more northern then why not check out Northumberland National Park or one of the most beautiful places in the country, the Lake District. Not only can you take in the vast beauty available at Northumberland National Park, but, why not download the Poems in the Air app and as you explore the park, you will be able to hear selected spoken poems at unique locations throughout the park. And when it comes to the Lake District there is an abundance of scenic routes and trails along with gorgeous views to take you and your family’s breath away. Whether you fancy walking, hiking, running, swimming or cycling, there is something available for the whole family.


Snowdonia National Park, the Brecon Beacons, and the Pembrokeshire coast are but a few of the possible locations for dog walkers in Wales. There is no end to the rolling hills, ancient woods, and gorgeous streams, perfect for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy. So, put on your walking boots and click on one of the above potential places for more information.

For those of you living in Scotland, the list of locations for days out with your pooch is endless. You could travel to Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park or the Cairngorms National Park. All of these have incredible scenery and are a sight to behold. Cross wide open fields or witness spectacular waterfalls all in the company of your adoring pet. What is for certain, is that you and your furry friend are not going to be bored of finding spectacular scenic walks for you both to enjoy.

Hatchbag Boot-Liners

As usual in this country, the weather will probably take a turn for the worse at some point. And as for us dog owners, however, we know that no amount of effort will stop our dogs from jumping in every puddle, every stream, and every muddy patch that they find. And although there may be nothing we can do about the weather or keeping our dogs clean, we can prevent your car boot from turning into a bog, with one of our Hatchbag boot liners.  All of our liners are expertly handcrafted by a team of dedicated people and are available for over 400 car models. They can be customised with a multitude of extras such as bumper flaps, tailgate covers etc. to make sure that your boot has as much protection as possible.

And don’t forget to share with us all your autumn activity photos on our Facebook Page, Instagram Page @thehatchbagcompany or on Twitter with the #HatchbagAutumnAdventures and we will re-post, re-gram and retweet them all.

If you also have any other recommendations of where you and your four-legged friend like to explore then please share them with us, as well. And you never know, we could be recommending your favourite haunt in our next blog.

Tails Set Wagging For National Dog Day!

These four-legged, furry creatures are undoubtedly man’s (and woman’s) best friend. We are of course talking about dogs! For those of us with dogs, we simply couldn’t imagine life without them. They’re always there to greet us with their happy face following a long day at the office, or give us a cuddle when we are feeling blue. Life really is better with a dog.

That’s why on August 26th we are encouraging our customers to join us in celebrating National Dog Day.

Created by Pet Expert, Colleen Paige, National Dog Day celebrates all breeds and aims to raise awareness about the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. Honouring all family dogs and working dogs, there is no dog too big or small, old or young.

To enjoy the day in style we have created our top 5 ways to celebrate!

No. 1 Bake a Dog Cake

What better way to celebrate than with a dog-friendly cake? Pamper your pooch and bake them some homemade goodies. Be sure to add in some of your pooches’ favourite treats to really get their tongues wagging!

No. 2 Scrub Up

Treat your four-legged friend to a well-deserved pampering session at the groomers. Even better, if you are feeling ambitious why not turn your house into a home dog spa for the afternoon by bathing,brushing and for an extra treat massaging your doggie all in the comfort of their own home.

No. 3 Pack Walk

Round up the gang and organise a group dog walk. Your pooch will love you even more for letting them hang out with their friends; celebrating with others is always so much more fun!

No. 4 Take a Selfie

Celebrate your beautiful best friend by spending the day taking photos. Be sure to tweet us your snaps @hatchbagcompany and tag us on Instagram @TheHatchbagCompany.

No. 5 Buy a Gift

There are lots of fabulous dog gifts out there, but there is only one thing that your dog really wants… and that’s a Hatchbag boot liner! Available for over 400 car models and in 7 distinct colours, you are sure to find a boot liner to match your unique style. For more information about our boot liners please click here.

However you choose to celebrate National Dog Day, be sure to let us know what you get up to. You can tweet us @hatchbagcompany, tag us on Instagram @The HatchbagCompany or message us on Facebook on The Hatchbag Company’s page.

Why is a boot liner perfect in keeping your boot clean from a new puppy?

A new member has joined the family albeit they may be small, hairy and full of beans, when the question pops into your head, how are you going to keep the car boot clean with a puppy on board. One things for certain your boot will end up being full of dog hair and dirt, which means you will have to spend a lot of your time either hoovering or cleaning it or the hair itself will end up getting entwined into the boot carpet making it nigh impossible to remove. So, here is where Hatchbag’s boot liners come in.

And to see how well our boot liners suit a new puppy, we have Eddie the Westie, an eight month old puppy, who is very active and lively to be our tester. His owner has a Citroen DS4 and has chosen a red boot liner with a rear plus, which allows her to fold the backseats down all together should she wish. This is the perfect way to protect her boot from little Eddie.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Puppies are very nosy and always want to look and touch everything around them. So, if your puppy is like Eddie and enjoys putting his paws on the back of the seats to peek outside the front window then it won’t be too long until the back of the seats are covered in doggy hair or dirt from mucky paws. But this can all be protected with a boot liner.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Or it may be that after a long stroll in the park your little furry friend wants to take a rest by nestling his bum against the backseats and therefore, you want to protect your boot.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Our boot liners also suit puppies who travel in a dog cage. As a dog cage is open at all sides then I can guarantee that in a matter of seconds of your puppy being in the cage in the car, their hair will end up getting everywhere – it is astounding just how much a little thing can spread so much hair. But with our boot liner you will not need to worry and your pooch can shake away without you thinking, oh no I am going to have to clean my car boot again!

dog in a boot with a boot liner

So, as you can see our boot liner is a perfect match for a puppy, Eddie himself has given us the paws up, in keeping your car boot clean from dirty puppy paws and puppy hair. And your little nosy four legged friend can roam around the boot or rest his bum on the sides of the boot without making a mess.

So, why not go and find your vehicle here and choose the perfect colour boot liner for you and your furry friend!

Give Your Pooch The Food Nature Intended

sure4pets posterIf you are looking for an alternative to dried dog food, a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (BARF) could be a natural solution.

The whole concept of raw feeding is based upon a dog’s natural instinct. Adopting a raw diet for your four legged best friend can reap a whole host of benefits as illustrated by our friends at sure4pets:

sure4pets poster

sure4pets are a family run business that specialise in supplying natural foods, treats and toys for dogs. Their products have been given the lick of approval from the dogs here at Hatchbag HQ; we highly recommend you treat your four legged friend to a bowl of their natural, tasty treats.

For more information about sure4pets and their products, click here to visit their website.


Last year, the RSPCA raised an impressive £60,000 through their fabulous “Big Walkies” campaign. Involving more than 3,500 dogs, 6,000 people and 750 volunteers, Big Walkies is all about raising awareness and money to aid in the protection of animals from cruelty and neglect. This year, Hatchbag would like to ask all its dog loving customers to get involved with this fabulous event!

I don’t know about you, but the dogs at Hatchbag HQ go crazy when they hear that magic word… “walkies”…. We don’t even have to finish the sentence “who wants to go for a walk?” and their tails are happily wagging and those paws are dancing with excitement. But not all pooches are as lovingly pampered and need a little helping hand.

The RSPCA: Big Walkies campaign is a series of sponsored walks aimed at raising awareness and money to aid in the protection of more animals from cruelty and neglect. The events are a little bit more exciting than your average walk in the park, involving hundreds of owners (and dogs!) across the country.

Big Walkies 2015 had tails wagging all over the country, so much so that the event is set to run in 2016, where there will be even more excitement! Registration is now open for 2016, so get ahead of the pack and don’t let you dog miss out by registering today!

Something tells us your pooch might be a little muddier than usual after a day of making new friends, so be sure to pack your Hatchbag boot liner to protect your boot from those muddy paws!

For more information about the RSPCA: Big Walkies or to register please click here.

And They Called It Puppy Love...

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans; for those of you with pets you will know what unconditional love is. They don’t care if you have had a rubbish day, or if you said something that you didn’t mean, so why not show your four legged friend some love this Valentine’s? Here at Hatchbag, we have saved you the time of searching for that perfect gift for your pet pooch and put together a list of our favourite gifts, which are sure to send tails wagging…

No. 1: Dog Snuggie

Introducing the snuggie blanket just for dogs! Just like the human version, this cosy blanket comes with sleeves for extra comfort. Whether indoors or out, dogs big or small can stay warm… And it will also make for a great picture on your Instagram #dogsnuggie.

No. 2 Edible Card

Nothing says I “Woof” You like an edible card. This completely edible dog card is perfect for those pooches hungry for that extra bit of love (and food!) this Valentines.

No.3 Dog Boots

Keep those tootsies warm this winter with a set of colourful booties. Cold and damp conditions can cause havoc with those delicate paws, so be sure to protect your four legged friend from the elements. The waterproof rubber boots are not only stylish, but also functional!

No. 4 Dog Cushion

One for you and the pooch; “To Sit Here Move the Dog” cushion. How many times do you have to say “the dog isn’t allowed on the sofa?” But let’s face it our dogs rule the roost when it comes to having first pick of the best seat in the house. This quirky cushion is a great buy for home and dog lovers alike.

No. 5 A Hatchbag!

We couldn’t recommend all these gifts without giving our own fabulous product range a mention! If you have a dog, you will understand… Miles of mud laced walks coupled with doggy paddling in ice cold rivers takes its toll on your car. Protect your boot from the dirt with a bespoke boot liner from us! For more information about our boot liners click here.

Whatever you decide to get your four legged friend this Valentines be sure to send us a picture via Twitter @hatchbagcompany or tag us on Instagram @TheHatchbagCompany. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zpets Top Five Tips for a Well Behaved Dog

How a person teaches a dog to behave is important (for large dogs, it’s also a requirement of being a responsible owner), not least for when your pet needs to interact with other people or animals. To guarantee that your dog learns to behave in the right way, there are some basic techniques that when followed, should make the time with your pet even more special.

1. Pack mentality:

It cannot be emphasised enough, but your breed (or its canine ancestors) used to go around in a wolf pack. Within that pack each dog knew its place and there was always the head of the pack. While the dog has been domesticated, it is really important that owners project on to the pet the owner’s position as the head of the pack. Some dogs are pack-leaders by birth (this can be problematic where a big dog is concerned!) while others are happy not being the leader, but – because owners do not let them know their position in the pack – end up trying to be the pack leader. These situations can be very stressful for both the dogs and their owners. Therefore consider your role as owner as the head of the pack, and ensure that your behaviour with your dog reinforces this position when you spend time together.

2. Walking Style:

The owner should walk in front of the dog. This is position in which the dog is made to understand that you are the boss not he/she. Creating this order in the mind of the dog will make it understand better its role within your domestic situation.

3. Short Lead or Long Lead?

A short lead is better for walking your dog. You will have more control with a shorter lead and this means that it is easier to communicate with the dog through the lead. It is important to guide the dog through the lead when walking, so that your dog learns which is the correct and incorrect way to walk.

4. Exercise is key:

Nearly every dog needs good exercise and anything from half an hour upwards of two hours (depending on your breed) will ensure that you dedicate the right amount of time to your dog, and that you build a relationship and understanding together. An early morning walk does both the owner and dog a world of good.

5. Positively Reinforce:

As an owner you should reward great behaviour even when just out walking. This form of positive reinforcement will help your dog understand that it is behaving in the right way. A treat could also be a little longer running around to explore the new smells it has found, or a snack. Feeding a dog after returning from a walk also tells the dog that if they behave well, when they get home it will be feeding time!! Irrespective of your techniques a constant through any kind of dog training is that you, as the owner, are the head of the pack. This should be your main take away from reading this post and which will have the greatest positive impact of the time you spend together.

Your Dog Magazine winner announced!

A few weeks ago we gave Your Dog Magazine subscribers the chance to win one of our custom made Hatchbag boot covers.

We are delighted to announce our winner Chris White and his lovely German Shepherd, Millie. We hope that Chris and Millie enjoy their new Hatchbag Boot Liner!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages for information on up and coming competitions - you never know next time it could be you!


Why dog owners need a car boot liner

The Hatchbag Company's boot liners can protect your car boot from a range of dirt and minimize damage, and are an ideal product for dog owners.  Your car will feel the strain of taking your four-legged friend out for a long walk or day trip.  As much fun as this may be, it’s not such a happy matter for your car boot on the way home when your canine returns muddy, wet and smelly!

Why dog owners need a car boot liner

Find out why dog owners need a car boot liner:

If you love your car as much as your dog, you can protect it from the rigours of pet ownership with a car boot liner. It's the perfect solution to prevent dog-related damage.

Clean car boot

The Hatchbag Company creates boot liners specially designed to fit more than 400 models of car for it to act like a second skin, so that no dirt, grit or fur can sneak through any gaps. These are easy to fit and remove with a simple but secure Velcro strap system. With one in place, you won't have to go for a full valet every time your dog travels in the boot of your car, as you can simply wipe it down.

No smells

Protect your boot from doggy odours permeating your car with an odour control mat. The mat has a quilted blanket which contains activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odours. Simply place this in the boot of the car, it will keep your car clean and fresh and provide a more pleasant travel experience for your dog.

Dog safety in the car

The car boot liner is not just an aesthetic aid but will also help to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable while they travel. With a secure fit, the liner will hold in place while your dog is sitting or standing in the boot and you can even add mats to fit on top of it for extra protection.  You could also opt for a hatch bed which can be placed onto the boot liner which is soft and very comfortable for dogs.

With a boot liner in place, your car boot will remain clean and fresh even after transporting the muddiest dog!  This is a high-quality car-protection product that no dog owner who drives should be without.