How to clean and maintain your car boot liner

Maintaining your boot liner will ensure it offers long term protection to your car’s interior. Below is a guide to cleaning and maintaining your car boot liner.

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Why clean your car boot and boot liner?

You should clean your car boot regularly to ensure minimal dirt or mess. If you use your boot for wet items such as bikes or fishing material, you will need to clean your boot regularly.

Moisture can seep into the fabric of your boot and cause bad smells. Boot liners can help reduce the amount you need to clean your car boot by protecting it from stains, dirt and moisture.

Your car boot should be thoroughly cleaned before fitting a boot liner as to help the longevity of your boot liner.

Boot liners are designed to protect your car boot from dirt, damage and moisture. Over time and with frequent use your boot liner will get dirty. However, unlike deep cleaning your boot, a boot liner can be very easy to clean.

Hatchbag have designed their boot liner to be easy to clean in situ. It can be maintained easily and ensuring ease of use and durability.

Tools for cleaning your car boot and boot liner

There are common (and specialist) items you will need to ensure your car boot and boot liner are optimally cleaned. In this section, you will find the main tools you need to clean your car boot and boot liner



Lint free cloths

  • For cleaning and drying your boot and boot liner
  • It’s best to keep a pack available at all times
  • Lint free ensures minimal mess from the cloths

Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

  • Helps ensure the car boot is optimally clean before fitting by removing any traces of silicon left by detergents
  • Helps remove difficult stains
  • Can be used on glue residue, gum, oil, ink and other stains

Standard kitchen or bathroom cleaning spray

  • For difficult and stubborn stains


  • It’s good practice to hoover your boot before fitting your boot liner
  • Hoovers can be used on boot liners to remove any dry pieces of dirt

Dustpan and brush

  • Can be used to sweep away dry mud and other mess
  • Particularly useful for pet hair

Cleaning your car boot (before fitting a boot liner)

Before fitting your boot liner, we recommend cleaning the plastic to ensure the best adhesion possible.

Silicone is sometimes applied to the plastic in a car’s interior during manufacturing and is a common material used in valeting products.

Silicone will make it impossible for the self-adhesive fasteners to stick to your car’s plastic trim. The silicone needs to be removed before a boot liner can be fitted. Follow the steps below to ensure:

How to clean your boot before fitting boot liner

1. Take two lint free cloths (one for cleaning and one for drying)

step 1

2. Apply Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover (a safe, fast acting solution to removing any adhesive, tar, grease or silicone stains) generously to the first cloth

step 2

3. Use the first cloth to scrub the surface of the boot you plan apply the self-adhesive loop fastener of your boot liner

step 3

4. Dry the area with the second cloth.

step 4

5. You may need to repeat steps 3 + 4 until the cloth is dragging and peeling off onto the plastic (these stands be dusted away)

step 5

6. Stick the self-adhesive loop fastener onto the area and wait 24 hours until attaching your new boot liner.

Cleaning your boot liner

The Hatchbag boot liner is specifically designed to minimise the amount of cleaning needed. You don’t need to remove the liner to clean it and it doesn’t go in the washing machine.

How to clean your boot liner

Type of dirt

Cleaning recommendation

Everyday grime

  1. Use a lint-free cloth with lukewarm water
  2. Wipe the liner down
  3. Let the boot liner air dry

Excessive dirt

  1. Wipe clean with a wet cloth
  2. Use cleaning products if necessary
  3. Air dry

Pet hair

  1. Use a dustpan and brush to brush away the hairs
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe any stains
  3. If you regularly transport dogs in your boot then this guide will help you protect your boot from dog hair and our range of odour mats help to keep unpleasant smells at bay.

Moisture (soaked items such as fishing gear, messy pets and swimming items)

  1. Hatchbag boot liner is water resistant
  2. Water will sit on top of the boot liner
  3. Can be wiped away with a dry cloth in situ

What to avoid when cleaning your boot liner

Hatchbag boot liners are designed to be easily cleaned. It is hard to go wrong when cleaning these boot liners. However, there are some techniques to avoid:

  • Do not machine wash the boot liner -most dirt and grime can be removed in situ with a damp cloth
  • Avoid pure bleach -this can fade the colour as well as damage the threats and bindings
  • Do not use in tumble dryer -Always air dry your boot liner
  • Do not install boot liner when still wet -give you boot liner time to dry

Boot liners for pets

Boot liners are perfect at combating the mess (and damage) caused by your pets. There are also additional accessories you can purchase to help further reduce the mess from pets:

Hatchbed mat

hatchbed mat

Designed specifically for dogs. Utilises a non-slip ribbed rubber backing that won’t slide around when your dog exits and enters the boot. The hatchbed mat is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Odour mat

odour mat

Designed to help prevent any bad smells and odours. The odour mat uses an active charcoal ingredient that absorbs any nasty odours. The odour mats are tailored to fit each specific model (alternatively, they are available in generic sizes).

Find out more by visiting our guide - The best accessories for your car boot liner

Maintaining your boot liner

If you take your boot liner in and out frequently or have had it in place for a long time you might find that the self-adhesive loop fastener doesn’t maintain its initial strength.

In this instance you can purchase a replacement fitting kit.

Customers who frequently remove boot liners that attach directly to the carpet, may wish to consider our Frequent Use Patch.

What is a Frequent Use Patch?

If you frequently remove your boot liner, you may find your boot carpet may ‘fluff up’. To avoid this, you should purchase our Frequent Use Tabs.

Frequent Use Tabs are double sided fastener tabs. They have loop fastener on one side and hook fastener on the other. They are designed to be placed between the boot liner and the boot carpet. These stop your carpet from ‘fluffing up’ after frequent use.

You can find these products in our Accessories section. Simply choose your manufacturer and car model and choose the right accessory.


Cleaning your boot liner: Hatchbag vs Boot Buddy



Boot Buddy


  • Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth


  • Fully waterproof
  • Moisture will sit on top of the boot liner to be wiped away
  • Waterproof


  • Incredibly durable, heavy duty boot liner
  • Can withstand frequent use and grime
  • Estimated 7-year lifespan
  • Very durable

Customer Reviews

These are some customer reviews found at ekomi:

“I have used Hatchbag for years. Every time I get another vehicle, I always order a hatchbag for the car, they are so easy to put in and look great too :). They protect from the dog and also putting stuff in the car to take to the tip or other people's houses and you just know that a quick wipe down and it’s like new. Thankyou Hatchbag”

5/5 stars

- MrsN

“Just fitted my bootcover and it fits really well so should make having a muddy dog as well as muddy football and rugby boots in the boot much less of a problem”

5/5 stars

- Abby F

“Really fantastic product, I genuinely couldn't be more happy with the protection provided and the quality of the product. If you're on the fence about getting one, do it, it's well worth it.”

5/5 stars

- Robert Black

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