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As a luxury car, the last thing you want is to get your Audi interiors dirty from travelling. Travelling with muddy dogs or sports equipment, such as golfing equipment, may cause unwanted damage to your boot floor and other car parts. But, this doesn't have to be the case. Consider buying tailored car mats that are designed for a perfect fit to your Audi cargo area, no matter the make or model.

Here at the Hatchbag Company, we offer a wide selection of car boot protectors designed to fit various Audi models. Whether this is an Audi Q5 or an Audi A6, simply choose your model for a tailored boot liner that is custom-made for your car.

Our Hatchbag boot mats act like a second skin, fitting your Audi exactly and providing sleek and stylish protection that prevents spills or dirt from causing lasting damage to your car. We cater to a wide range of Audi models and years, with many satisfied Audi drivers who are already making use of our elite car boot protectors.

If you are unsure what year your car is, check out our interactive tool here.

All our custom boot liners are made to last, offering various vehicles, including Audi models, with a range of excellent benefits. This includes:

  • Made of reinforced PVC that is stylish, resilient and durable

  • Easy to wipe down, with no need to remove the boot liner to clean it

  • Available with a variety of optional extras to provide flexibility and added protection

Find out more about Audi boot liners and their benefits with our expert guide here.

Our custom Audi boot liners are also adaptable depending on your needs, with various available car accessories that complement the boot liner they are paired with. This includes a bumper flap that acts as an extension to your Audi boot liner and protects the bumper from scratches; a tailgate cover to protect the back of your car; and an odour mat which reduces nasty odours, which are perfect for driving with pets.

Find out more about the best car accessories for your boot liner with our expert guide here.

If you are an Audi driver looking to protect your car's interiors, browse through our custom boot liners. Simply select your exact Audi model. Choose a colour from our range to style your boot liner to your preferences, and select any car accessories to enhance the protection.

Audi A6 boot liner

Shop the Audi A6 boot liner here.

Here at the Hatchbag Company, we appreciate the thought that goes into protecting an Audi, both inside and out. Anyone who invests in a car of such quality will want to guard it with the ideal protection, so we’ve designed a range of elite options to protect your car and keep it looking its best.

For more information on our range of Audi boot liners, contact Hatchbag or call us at 0151 203 6555 today to speak to one of our experts.