Everything you need to know about different types of car boot liners

In various lifestyles, using a boot liner when travelling daily can be beneficial. Whether this is for active lifestyles, that may be carrying large items such as sporting equipment and camping gear, larger families that need prams or even drivers requiring space for their muddy pets. However, there are different types of boot liners to choose from, each with their own benefits.

This guide will explore the different types of car boot liners available, comparing each style, and what to look for in a boot liner product.

What are the advantages of a tailored boot liner?

Tailored boot liners are designed to fit your car’s boot perfectly, no matter the make or the year. After buying a vehicle, you may find that day-to-day travelling may deteriorate the interiors, especially for drivers with active lifestyles or muddy pets. A custom boot liner is designed specifically for full coverage and protection in the cargo area, preventing damage, scratches and any bad odours. This type of boot liner is often made by companies whose sole business is producing boot liners to fit specific cars.

The Hatchbag boot liner utilises a unique scanning technology that carefully captures the car boot of various makes and models. From some of the most popular car manufacturers, such as Mini and Land Rover, this car boot mat liner is ideal for complete protection for boots of all sizes.

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Custom-made boot liners

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Comparing the different types of boot liners

Below in the table are the three different types of boot liners with their advantages and disadvantages:




• Cheapest option available

• They come in standard sizes and are not tailored to specific models

• Usually of lower quality

• Unlikely to have any car accessories available to add on


• Branded with manufacturer’s logo

• Designed to fit the boot perfectly

• Made by a reputable brand

• It may come at a discount or free when buying a new car

• Often basic in design

• Not of the highest quality

• Boot liners for older models may not be available


• It fits your boot perfectly

• Made from high-quality materials

• Easy to fit

• Stays secure

• Optional car accessories to complement boot liner

• Can be more expensive than the alternatives

Universal boot liners

Although this is the cheapest boot liner product available, universal boot liners tend to be made of a cheap rubber material and of lower quality than the alternatives. They will provide basic coverage, however, it may be damaged by items put in the cargo area.

Universal boot liners come in three standard sizes: small, medium and large. As these sizes don’t take into account the shape or depth of a boot, they are unlikely to fit properly and will leave gaps if your boot has an unusual shape.

Some universal boot liners can be cut down to a size that fits better. However, they will still only cover the rectangular shape of a standard boot, and not any extra areas your boot may have.

Choose a universal boot liner:

  • If you are looking for something cheap and expendable

  • If you will only use (or will only last) the product a handful of times

Manufacturer-made boot liners

Many high-brand and luxury car companies will produce their own boot liners to fit their vehicles. You can often choose them as extras when you buy a car.

Boot liner materials can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and can often depend on the prestige of the brand and car. The more expensive the car, the higher the quality of boot liner available.

Because the car manufacturer produces its own boot liners, it can make them to fit. However, not all manufacturers treat boot liners as a priority—some develop liners that fit perfectly, while others provide little more than a boot mat. These types of boot liners may come at a discounted price or even free if you are buying a new vehicle from a specified dealership.

Choose a manufacturer boot liner:

  • If you are buying a new car and the boot liner comes as a free extra

  • If you care a lot about branding

Tailored boot liners

When comparing boot liners, consider looking at certain factors including the type of material and whether the product is suitable for your needs. One advantage a custom-made boot liner has is that it is specifically designed to meet the exact make and model that you drive. Our Hatchbag boot liners are made of reinforced, soft PVC, which is highly durable and also far less likely to absorb any bad odours compared to fabric materials.

Choose a tailored boot liner:

  • If you want full protection when driving from dirt and damage

  • If you want the boot liner to perfectly fit your vehicle

If you are unsure of what year your car is, read our helpful guide and use our interactive tool here.

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Comparing the different boot liner materials

Typically, boot liners are made of either plastic, rubber or fabric. Although rubber car mats are available as an alternative, these only sit on the floor and do not protect all the area. We recommend using a rubber mat as an additional extra alongside a boot liner.

boot liner

Generic boot liners that you must cut to size are made of standard PVC. Liners which are patterned on the top to make them non-slip are often made of rubber. Both materials are waterproof, hard-wearing and easy to clean, but they aren’t well suited to dogs as they don’t offer much comfort.

The Hatchbag boot liner is made of reinforced soft PVC. This means it’s waterproof and easy to clean but much more comfortable for a pet. The material itself generally offers better protection for the stuff you’re putting in your boot compared with flat rubber or standard PVC liners.

Consider adding car accessories that complement your boot liner and further protect the boot floor and sides. This includes rubber mats, odour mats to help reduce unwanted smells, and a bumper flap.

Find out more about the best car boot liner accessories with our expert guide here.

What features should you look for in a quality car boot liner?


If you have a dog or carry wet or muddy outdoor equipment in your boot, you should consider a waterproof boot liner. Most boot liners are made of water-resistant materials, but the difference really comes from the liner’s shape. If a liner only covers the bottom of your boot, water can easily travel to the edges and damage the sides of your boot.

Easy to clean

If you use your boot a lot or have dogs, you’ll need a cover that’s easy to clean. Most rubber trays aren’t particularly easy to clean. You can wipe them down, but debris can get lodged in the pattern or ridges. For a proper clean, you may have to remove them entirely.

The Hatchbag boot liner is made of a non-absorbent, wipe-clean material, making it incredibly easy to clean after use. All you need is a damp cloth and you’re ready to go. Dirt comes off easily and liquid won’t soak in. Since the liners fit so snugly there’s very little risk of dirt or water getting underneath.

Find out more about how to clean and maintain your boot liner with our expert guide here.


If you want to take your pet along with you on a journey, you’ll need to make sure they are comfortable and safe.

dogs in the boot of a car

Look for features like odour protection and added comfort. Also, make sure the boot liner is durable and of a high standard. Cheaper liners tend to break a lot more easily if put under any sort of stress, so by investing properly early on, you save money in the long run!

Find out more about the best boot liners to protect your car and dog with our expert guide here.

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