The new Hyundai boot liner is here for the Hyundai Ioniq

Blue boot liner for the Hyundai Ioniq 2016 onwards

A Hyundai boot liner that goes with your new Hybrid Ioniq

A new Hybrid hits the road

‘’ Time for a little competition’’ the Koreans said. Although the Toyota Prius is the world’s best-selling hybrid car, the Koreans have taken on the challenge and brought their own to the road, the all-new Hyundai Ioniq. The car comes in three versions of electrification: the pure electric vehicle(EV), the hybrid model with a petrol engine combined with an electric motor, a plug-in hybrid – that’s basically the same as the hybrid but with a bigger battery for more range that you can charge externally – and a pure electric vehicle (EV). These three convenient vehicles have a one thing in common, the Hyundai boot liner for the Ioniq will fit them all.

What you will notice with the Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid, the performance is pretty good as the petrol engine and electric motor work together. This makes both model versions quicker than a Toyota Prius, but on the other side slower than, say, a Volkswagen Gold GTE. The Ioniq has been set up to handle urban areas well with light steering that’s easy to manage. However. if you want to use the Sport mode - this adds too much weigh.

Relax in style in the Hyundai Ioniq

Passengers in the Hyundai will have no trouble getting comfortable, as there is room to adjust on offer, however, when it comes to the back-passenger area, the Hyundai Ioniq offers some space, but there isn’t quite as much room for adults as there would be in the Kia Niro or Toyota Prius. If you are over six-foot tall, you will likely find yourself with your head close to touching the roof and knee room to be a little tight. On the other hand, if you need to be able to carry up to three kids in the back, you will see that there is plenty of space.

Plenty of space in the Ioniq's boot

The Hyundai Ioniq boot should not be underestimated - with its 443 litres you can easily fit the pram, the dog and your shopping in the boot. Plus, if you’re thinking of heading to the top, then you can easily store heavy loads in the boot, as the boot opening has quite a large opening. The seats also split 60:40 split, which comes in handy when you need to transport both passenger/s and very long items.

A Hyundai boot liner for the new car on the block

For all the Hyundai Ioniq car owners we are happy to announce that there is a Hyundai boot liner available to protect your boot. Come choose one of our seven colours for the right fit for your Hybrid, along with the choice between a Standard boot liner, a Rear plus and a Rear Split option. The latter two options are ideal if you want to be able to fold your rear seats down. All of our boot liners come with an array of other Ioniq accessories so you can customise the perfect Hyundai boot liner for your lifestyle.

Hatchbag car boot protector for the BMW X3, VW T-Roc, Mercedes CLA now available

Keep dirt from your brand-new vehicle at bay with a Hatchbag car boot protector

Hatchbag introduces the BMW X3 2018 boot protector

BMW X3 New Hatchbag Car Boot Protector Get ready to have a new driving experience & Hatchbag car boot protector that will fuel any of your ambitions, especially with all the space that is available. This car gives passengers in the front enough head room and most importantly leg room, making it a very enjoyable ride. It is no secret that the BMW X3 is among the best large SUVs in having so much space at the front. In addition, the BMW X3 has an impressive family boot that can carry up to eight suitcases. Plus, if you need more space for loading bulkier items, the rear seats split in a 40/20/40 configuration, giving you more flexibility and space within the boot. For those who like to go bike riding, or hiking (or just a walk on the beach) we have a new car boot protector for the two floor versions the BMW X3 has to offer. We also offer a version with a net on the nearside, which is ideal for those who like outdoor activities in keeping your boot clean, and at the same time have access to the net to store any equipment. The second option is for cars that have no net on the nearside. This will give you a bit more space as there is no net and the recess is a bit deeper.

Keep your VW T-Roc boot tidy with a Hatchbag car boot protector

VW T-Roc Hatchbag Car Boot Protector Volkswagen has again proved that they know what to bring to the market with the new VW T-Roc, a car that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for a car with a red roof and a white body, they have something for everyone. The car also comes with an optional 4MOTION, to give you the opportunity to tackle almost any terrain. What is also very interesting about the VW T-Roc is its driver assistance systems, which will assist you on long journeys, making sure that you stay alert and avoid accidents. Here at The Hatchbag Company we have just what you need to accompany your long journeys: a VW T-Roc new car boot protector, available in 7 colours and with various optional extras. We have designed two boot liners to fit the two floor versions the VW T-Roc has to offer:  a raised floor version and a low floor. With the low floor version, there is more space in the boot for to carry heavy equipment or to give your dog that bit more comfort in the boot. If, however you don’t need all that extra space, the raised floor is ideal. Please look at our Vehicle Identification document before placing an order on the website, to make sure you are buying for the correct version.

Protect your Mercedes CLA Shooting brake with Hatchbag

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Hatchbag Car Boot Protector The new Mercedes CLA Shooting brake is very stylish yet very practical, which makes it an exciting and alternative family car. This Mercedes has extra space, so ideal for whoever has a dog or needs that extra space for leisure. The boot has enough space for that trip you would like to take and any suitcases or a buggy. And should you wish to fold down the rear seats, your space will be boosted going from 495 litres with the rear seats up to 1354 litres with them down. This is a very easy process as the seats split 60/40, and they pretty much lie flat, offering you as much space as possible. At the Hatchbag Company we did not want to miss out on bringing you a Hatchbag car boor protector. Our selection for the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake has two versions, for those who have a net in the boot nearside and would like to keep using it. This can be used to store some drinks when you go hiking with your pooch, or to store small equipment. For those who don’t use it, we offer a liner to cover the net part. We have seven colours to choose from and some interesting optional extras, such as a bumper flap to give your pooch the chance to jump out of the boot without leaving marks! Our hatchbag car boot protector will keep your boot clean with all these new adventures the new BMW X3, VW T-Roc and Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake are going to bring you. Not only do you have a choice between seven colours, to find one that will nicely match your car, but there are also many other extras you can choose from.

Hatchbag welcomes a new family member - the Peugeot 3008 boot liner 2017 onwards

Choose the perfect options for your Peugeot 3008 boot liner

Peugeot 3008 – a great family car

The new Hatchbag Peugeot 3008 boot liner has been launched to coincide with Peugeot, who have upgraded their previous Peugeot 3008 so that they can bring a more stylish and sleeker SUV to the market, in order to compete with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kadjar and Seat Ateca. Plus, not only is the Peugeot 3008 a great car for drivers but, also for passengers, which makes it a great SUV for families.

The benefits of the boot space in the Peugeot 3008

One great feature of the Peugeot 3008 that will benefit the whole family as well as their pooch is the boot space. The inside of the boot boasts of 591 litres - this means plenty of space for your four-legged friend(s) as well as transporting suitcases, picnic baskets, fishing rods etc. To make it even better - if you would like more space in the back for your dog or need to take a load to the tip, then fold down all the backseats to enjoy a car boot volume of 1670 litres.

How a Hatchbag Peugeot 3008 boot liner can help keep your car boot clean

And having all that boot space available, you will want to keep your new car boot clean. Luckily here at Hatchbag, we offer a boot liner and options to suit your needs. In addition to this, the Peugeot 3008 also has two floor options, a raised or low floor, so you can set the floor to the needs of your family or your dog. And here at Hatchbag, we have taken this into consideration and designed two Peugeot 3008 boot liners, to accommodate both floor versions. This way you can take your dog to the beach or go hiking, without having to worry about cleaning a big boot afterwards. For more information and to see the options and colours we offer please click here

Why a boot liner is the perfect accessory for your lease car?

You've got a new lease car, but, you need to protect your boot when transporting your dog, pram, fishing gear, DIY tools, bikes etc. Here is where Hatchbag steps in with our array of boot liners in seven colours. Plus our boot liner extras such as, bumper flap, rear seat flap, tailgate cover and a choice of three mats; rubber mat, hatchbed mat and odour mat. All of our boot covers act as a second skin to your car boot and will prevent your lease car boot’s interior getting covered in dog hair, scratched or damaged. And you may be thinking this all sounds great, but, if I use self-adhesive tabs to attach the boot liner to the car then will this damage the interior? The answer is no. If your car boot is made from carpet and is self-adhesive tab friendly then you will not have to attach any self-adhesive tabs to your car. You may want to consider our frequent use fitting kit, which consists of thirty-two double-sided adhesive tabs. These tabs act as a sandwich between the liner and the boot carpet, so that when you remove the liner the carpet does not fluff up.
Cleaning your lease car boot
If your car boot is made from plastic, you will need to attach self-adhesive tabs to the boot. Before you do that, we recommend the following cleaning procedure: - Take two lint free cloths and Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover. - Soak one cloth in Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover and clean down the sides. - Take the second cloth and dry the sides to the point the cloth is dragging across the surface. - Test a piece of self-adhesive to see if it adheres to the plastic. If yes, continue attaching the remainder tabs. If not, please repeat the above steps. When you come to remove the boot liner and self-adhesive tabs from the boot, we recommend the following procedure: - Take Autoglym Intensive Tar remover and a cloth - Soak the cloth in Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover and clean down the plastics to remove any residue. - Then take any valeting product and valet the sides of your boot If you return the car after your lease is up then the car boot will be in the same condition as the day you got the vehicle.

The Best Ways to De-Ice (and Other Winter Car Care Tricks)

As the winter months draw in, the prospect of curling up by the fire with a hot chocolate, an outing for a crisp winter countryside walk, and a host of other winter activities may excite. Sadly, a host of less car-friendly weather conditions also approach, with one of the more arduous ones for car owners being that morning ritual of having to de-ice your frozen car before you can set off on your commute to work. The team here at The Hatchbag Company are familiar with that ordeal ourselves, so we went in search of the best ways to de-ice our cars, which we thought we’d share with you, as well as one or two other winter car care tricks that you can employ in the upcoming months. De-Bunking the Myths Before we recommend the ideal ways to de-ice your car, let’s get rid of a couple of unhelpful, but commonly used, methods for de-icing our cars. Namely, using a hot kettle for melting and a credit card for scraping. Hopefully you value your windscreen – and your credit card – too much to scrape the ice away with such a less than precise tool, given the scrapes it can cause, but we’d venture a guess that many of us have probably resorted to a boiling hot kettle to shift that windscreen ice when we’re in a rush to get on with our day. The problem is, the drastic and sudden temperature change can cause your windscreen to crack, and just because it hasn’t happened so far, doesn’t mean it won’t. We’d definitely favour being safe over sorry when it comes to your windscreen. Preparation is Key The method we’ve found to be the number one to share with you can be done in three different ways, but relies on the same key scientific fact; freezing temperatures. Basically, rather than introducing intense hot temperature to melt ice on your windscreen, get a step ahead and cover your windscreen with a solution that freezes at a lower temperature than normal water. Soak a towel in the solution and leave the towel on your windscreen overnight. There are three ways to make the solution:
  1. Saltwater Solution: mix up a saltwater solution and soak your towel in it, with saltwater helping to melt the ice.
  2. Alcohol Solution: if you don’t have salt, you can use a (two parts to one part water) alcohol solution instead.
  3. White Vinegar: there’s also the option to use a (three parts to one part water) white vinegar solution.
If you forget to leave your towel out overnight, you can make up a saltwater solution that you can then wipe or spray onto your windscreen in the morning, but this will obviously take a little while to get to work, and you’ll need to be careful to keep it targeted to the windscreen, as the saltwater may not agree with your car’s paint job. Other Tricks How to Melt Your Frozen Car Lock: This is one of our favourite little tricks, and it involves using a daily household item to solve the problem of a frozen car lock. That item is hand sanitizer. The alcohol contained within the gel will help to melt the ice, so just put a couple of drops on your key, or around the lock, and watch the ice melt away. How to Deal with a Foggy Windscreen: This advice comes in three parts. To prevent unnecessary moisture, never leave a bottle of liquid open in your car overnight. To wipe your windscreen without leaving marks, use a chalkboard eraser, while to suck moisture out of the interior of your car and prevent fogging, you can fill a stocking or a cloth bag with either rice or cat litter, both of which deal with moisture brilliantly.   We hope these tips will prove useful to you this winter. For more on protecting the interior of your car with one of our stylish and durable handmade custom boot liners, browse our range here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners

How to Clean Your Alloy Wheels

Here at The Hatchbag Company, we’re committed to helping you keep the interior of your car, namely your boot, as clean and stylish as possible. At the same time, while we don’t provide products focused on the exterior of your car, we do love to see a car looking just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. One area that can give your car that feel of lasting quality is in keeping your alloys pristine, which can be difficult to do if you have an active lifestyle that takes your car across a variety of terrains. So, we thought we’d offer some advice on how to clean your alloy wheels easily and effectively, keeping them looking great for the long haul. Step 1: A Good Rinse Begin by giving your wheels a good rinse with a hose, as this will not only get rid of any easily clearable surface dirt, but it may well also soften any more resistant grime or markings on the wheel. It can help to use a focused nozzle on the end of your water supply to deliver a strong stream of water to a particular point of the wheel. Step 2: Non-Acidic Alloy Cleaner Once you’ve done the initial rinse, you’ll want to make use of an alloy wheel cleaner, preferably one that is non-acidic so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the wheel finish. You may not notice it first time, but prolonged use of an acidic cleaner will chip away at the finish over time. There are a number of quality and non-acidic alloy wheel cleaners on the market, such as those from SONAX, and Wolfgang, to mention just a couple. Step 3: A Soft Bristle Brush Once you’ve given the wheel a rinse with water, then a bit of a lather with a cleaning product, it’s time to gently agitate away any dirt that is still stuck to the wheel by using a brush. Make sure that you use a soft bristle brush so that you don’t cause any scratches to the wheel finish as you brush in and out of the gaps in the alloy wheel. Step 4: Lug Nuts and Wheel Wells Once you’ve done the main alloy itself, it’s important to get to the slightly harder to reach areas, namely the lug nuts and wheel wells. Dirt, grime and dust can hide anywhere, so you don’t want to clean your alloy wheel only to have dirt from the lug nuts and/or wheel wells transfer back onto the main alloy as soon as you start driving. This is particularly true of the wheel wells, as a lot of dirt, mud and gravel can be kicked up into the wheel wells while driving and then fall down onto the wheel later on. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a slightly rougher brush for the wheel wells than you would for the alloy finish itself; it’s all about clearing that dirt. Step 5: A Final Rinse Once you’ve given every area a going over with a cleaning product and/or cleaning brush, you should give the whole area a final once-over rinse to clean away any bits of dirt you may have missed or partially dislodged. Step 6: Finish by Drying Now that the cleaning is out of the way, you may want to finish by drying the alloys to avoid water spots and give them that extra glisten. Make sure to use a microfiber towel, and ensure that you use a different towel for your wheels to whatever you use on your main car paint job.   We hope this has given you a helpful rundown of how to clean your alloy wheels properly. As for the inside of your car, Hatchbag can take care of that with our high-quality range of handmade boot liners, with a custom fit and colour choices for a range of specific car models, protecting your car boot against pets, sports equipment and tools. For our full range of custom boot liners, click over to: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners

Best Winter Tyres 2017

For motorists, winter can be a very daunting time to be out on the roads. While it’s not often that we’re completely debilitated by heavy snow here in the UK, issues such as ice, slush and even heavy rain can make the roads more dangerous and almost un-navigable if you’re not properly equipped for them. Here at The Hatchbag Company, we’re always on the lookout for the best vehicle features, including winter tyres designed to keep you safe and make driving a lot easier during the colder months.  They’re optimised to work best in cold conditions and keep you mobile even when the roads are slippery. Even with a four-wheel-drive car or SUV, you’ll find cold-weather performance is dramatically boosted by investing in quality winter tyres. In the quest to find the best winter tyres available on the market this year, we took a look at some of the best-selling options. These tyres have all been tested to measure braking, handling performance and grip in snowy, icy and wet conditions. Here are some favourites.   Continental WinterContact TS 860 Engineered in Germany, the Continental WinterContact TS 860 tyres are also perfect for flexible driving in winter conditions here in the UK. They’re able to transfer the car braking forces safely, whether the roads are dry, wet, icy or snow-covered. In terms of pricing, they sit right at the centre of the best-selling options on the market today. A number of features have been added to give the driver optimum control and safety. The Snow Curve+ technology allows for safe cornering and grip on snow-covered roads, while their new channel system drastically reduces your braking distance on frost-covered and icy roads.   Nokian WR D4 The Nokian WR D4 tyres are the successor to the widely-loved WR D3. The optimised tread pattern of these tyres is reinforced with special incisions which help improve water dispersal whilst clearing snow and slush well. Nokian tyres also have great traction, even when turning around sharp bends. One downside is that the Nokian tyres are somewhat noisier to manoeuvre than some others in this selection. In terms of efficiency, they don’t measure up to some other options on the market, but considering sheer value for money, the Nokian tyre can’t be faulted on safety and reliability.   Dunlop Winter Sport 5 The Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres designed for speed. If you want to get about effortlessly, even in the snow, then they’ll allow you to do just that. With more edges, the tyres have better traction than most. This means that you can enjoy easy handling and good balance in extreme driving conditions. Thanks to smart aquaplaning characteristics, the tyres are also able to push more water under the tyre quickly than many other options, which makes Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres great for dealing with heavy slush and rain. With low rolling resistance, the tyres are extremely fuel efficient which is another bonus.   Hankook i*cept RS2 Hankook are known for delivering great quality at affordable prices. The i*cept RS2 tyres provide a balanced performance in all winter conditions. The tyre structure is made from high grip silica compound which allows for improved snow and water traction as well as lowered rolling resistance. Additional features include aqua-slush edge grooves and ice grip slits to improve the traction and cornering performance. Hankook have introduced grip claw technology which boosts snow traction by applying sharp edges. By minimising block movement on wet and snowy roads, the tyres produce enhanced driving stability. Overall fuel economy is the only thing that lets these tyres down.   Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1 These tyres are one of the pricier options on the list, but you can expect a solid performance even in tough winter conditions. The Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1 has an especially short braking distance on snow and it’s a lot quieter than other winter tyre variations. The tyres are designed to provide easy handling and they also offer excellent aquaplaning performance because of the hydrodynamic grooves which help to channel the water away from the tyre surface. While this makes your car very easy to handle, it may at times feel delicately balanced on wet surfaces.     Thanks to recent advancements in technology, winter tyres are now capable of a lot more than they used to be. In fact, the right winter tyres can do a lot more to aid safe driving than four-wheel drive with regular tyres. Here at The Hatchbag Company, our custom boot liners and accessories are another ideal complement to an extensive range of specific car makes and models. The high-quality materials that we use act as a second skin to protect your car from dirt, spillages and scratches, helping to protect the interior of your car boot with lasting quality. For more details on the best winter tyres, search the brand that appeals, while for more on our range you can browse all of our available boot liners here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Review

The year’s biggest motor show is always a key date in our diary, with this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show taking place from 16-24th September, with advance openings for the press from September 12th. There may have been some big name absences (strange not to see Alfa, Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot and Volvo in attendance) but there were still more than enough exciting announcements and reveals to keep us interested. Here at The Hatchbag Company, we’re always keen to keep an eye on major motor industry events, both out of our personal interest in cars, as well as to identify new vehicles we can offer our custom boot liners for. In this blog, we’ve chosen to highlight a few key trends that we saw come out of 2017’s Frankfurt showing.   Interesting Concepts This year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint, with a range of stunning concept cars on show. We could spend all day talking about the eye-catching and futuristic features on show, with options such as Volkswagen’s new Polo, the latest Impreza from Subaru, a look at the new Bentley Continental GT and Renault’s Megane Renaultsport, but here are our three favourites from this year’s offering.   BMW M5 It’s always exciting to see what BMW bring to the table, and this year was certainly one to savour. Their new M5 not only looks the part, it also features a range of innovative tech and is reported to handle wonderfully. It’s sure to be one of the leading executive saloon options on the market, with all of the familiar benefits of previous 5 Series cars, but with even more in terms of comfort and performance. For a look at our custom BMW boot liner options, you can click here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/bmw   Honda Urban EV The new offering from Honda may look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it has the potential to become the first electric car to really win over the mass market. Honda are saying that when this concept model arrives to the European market in 2019, it should look pretty much the same as it did at the Frankfurt showcase. Personally, we’d be more than happy if that were the case, as it looks great. For a look at our custom Honda boot liners, you can click here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/honda   Audi Aicon Audi unveiled its gorgeous new Aicon concept car, part of their new “AI” branch which is focusing on the kind of autonomous and self-teaching cars that are set to usher in the new generation of vehicles. This really was a glimpse of the future, with a stunningly sleek style and a range of innovative features under the surface. For our custom Audi boot liners, head here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/audi   Focus on the Future While the Frankfurt Motor Show is always somewhat future-focused due to the number of new and concept cars on display for us to fantasise about owning, this year was even more geared towards what is to come for the vehicle industry. Namely in the form of electric cars. There’s been a lot of talk about the increasing popularity of electric cars in an environmentally-conscious and functionality-obsessed age, but this year’s motor show brought statements of intent from a number of major players. There were two major statements that caught our attention on this topic: - The repeated suggestions that every major car brand was likely to have at least one electric version of their main models by the mid-2020s, offering a huge range of electric car options. - The statement made by Dieter Zetsche, boss of Daimler, who have involvements in brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Smart Car. During his address at the conference, Zetsche said that Daimler’s intention was to have between 15 and 25% of their vehicle line-up as fully electric in the near future. It remains to be seen how the general motoring public will respond to the electric car revolution, but it looks increasingly like it’s going to be a case of when, rather than if, many of us will switch to electric. Anyway, that’s enough future talk for now; we won’t even mention the self-driving car talk that went on!   German Innovation It stands to reason that there would be a strong German manufacturer’s presence with such a prestigious motoring show on home soil, and this year was no different. There was a strong showing from Audi, with the aforementioned Aicon concept car catching our eye most, especially with the rumours that it could come with “no pedals, no steering wheel and a 500-mile electric range” and all that could mean. BMW had a number of ideas on show, including its X7 concept car, but not everyone was impressed with some of their design choices this time around. Volkswagen shared their own concept, an electric version of their famous Golf model, while Mercedes also showcased electric concept cars, which they said would be able to offer a sub-5 second 0-60mph capability with ease.   In Closing We’ve hardly had time to scratch the surface of the full scope of what went on in Frankfurt – we could also wax lyrical about the new Land Rover Discovery SVX, Ford’s new and revised Mustang and Jaguar’s I-Pace racing vehicle – but we hope this has given you a little insight into the excitement on show. As we looked on admiringly at so many of the excellent new options on offer for car lovers, we felt a renewed commitment to ensure The Hatchbag Company keep offering the very best options to protect the boots of these high-end vehicles with a custom boot liner that matches each vehicle in terms of quality and style. We offer our high-quality boot liners, handmade in Britain for a custom fit, with current offerings for many of the major brands mentioned in this Frankfurt Motor Show review. As soon as these new and exciting vehicles hit the roads, we’re sure to be offering custom boot liners for them too, but for now you can take a look across our range of hundreds of custom boot liners and find the exact fit for your current vehicle. Our full list of available brands is found here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners

The Best Cars for Dog Owners

For many dog owners, finding a car that is compatible with transporting their beloved pet is a top priority. Whether it’s taking your dog out to their favourite walking spots, away on holiday with you, or on day trips to see family, you’ll want a vehicle that both you and your dog can enjoy riding in. Any car’s suitability for travelling with a dog, or dogs, can be enhanced by features such as quality boot protectors and mats that offer both comfort and protection. That said, it is still worth looking at the cars which come ready-made with the most dog-friendly format. When look for the ideal vehicle for this aim, we consider features such as interior space, seating layout and ease of access for dogs who aren’t as mobile as they once were. We’ll also provide helpful links to the range of available items we offer, designed specifically for these leading dog-friendly car models. After that, it’ll be down to you to choose the car that suits you and your dog the best.   Skoda Superb Estate Skoda offers a fine range of vehicle options, but we chose the Superb model here, because it lives up to its name when it comes to providing a great fit for dogs. There is a real focus on comfort, with the Estate option particularly spacious and the car able to cruise along in real ease even on long trips. This model also has one of the largest boots of a car of its type, at around 660 litres capacity, so much so that you’ll probably be jealous of the amount of space your dog gets to enjoy! It also offers the benefit of a low loading sill in its boot that is easy for most dogs to jump into. An ideal fit. Our range of Skoda Superb items are here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/skoda/superb   Nissan X-Trail Offering a sleek and stylish look in a range of colours, the X-Trail is becoming an iconic model for those with an active lifestyle and taste for adventure, albeit with the comfort of such an elite vehicle. In terms of what it specifically offers to dogs and their owners, it is a comfortable and spacious option, with space consideration for a storage rack for leads. This is a great looking car that gets better with every new model, whilst still being priced around £10,000 less than comparable options from Audi, BMW and Range Rover. The boot loading lip is a little higher than some, but overall it’s ideal for any dog owner looking to achieve luxury at a fair price point. Our range of Nissan X-Trail items are here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/nissan/x-trail   Peugeot 308 SW This is another vehicle with a fantastically spacious boot capacity, in fact matching the Skoda Superb at 660 litres, but doing so with a shorter and taller boot shape. This makes it an ideal fit for dogs who may prefer standing tall in a boot rather than lying flat. You’ll know your dog’s preferences and comforts better than us, but it’s worth noting the point that shape can often be as important as space. A classic family car that, while offering a little less space than our other listed options for its rear seats, offers a low boot floor and loading lip that makes it comfortable for the majority of dogs to get in and out of. It is also a highly economical car for those looking for additional value when travelling. Our range of Peugeot 308 items are here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/peugeot/308   Seat Leon Estate A sleek car model that is as stylish as they come in terms of estate models, you can see the influence of Volkswagen construction methods alongside the unique Seat style. This car features a 580 litre boot, but comes with the benefit of an adjustable boot floor to help you find the ideal level for your dog/s. Providing a lovely balance of performance, style and economical use, this vehicle is sure to have your dog travelling in style while also giving you a range of benefits as a driver. Our range of Seat Leon items are here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/seat/leon   Citroen Grand C4 Picasso The latest range of Picasso models are the crowning achievement of the Citroen Grand range, offering a real style and innovation to their design. Equipped for a large family with its third row of seats, the makers also keep in mind that many families have a dog as a vital member, with the third row of seating able to be removed to offer a 540 litre boot capacity ideal for a dog to enjoy. With its low lying boot floor and lip, it offers a comfortable space for any dog to climb in and out of, as well as a range of economical running features meaning you’ll also feel at ease whenever you use it. Our range of Citroen Grand items are here: https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/boot-liners/citroen/grand-c4   We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at some of our favourite vehicle options for dog owners. We’re continually casting our eye over the leading cars on the market so that we can ensure we offer custom boot liners and accessories for them all. We’ll report back if any new options make our list, but for now, these are the best options in our eyes and well worth considering as your next car selection.    

The Best Dog Car Mats on the Market

As we move towards autumn, chances are that your dog walks are likely to become a fair bit wetter and muddier. That should never stop you from taking your dog to stretch their legs outside, but it may call for added protection for your car. Here at the Hatchbag Company, we know how important it is to find the right mat to protect your car, so we’re always looking to provide the best options. Thankfully, there are a range of boot protectors and dog car mats on the market, so today we’re going to look at the best car mats you can get your hands on. Whether you’re looking to protect the car from mess, from smell, or just to give your dog a more comfortable ride, we’ll help you to find the best options to benefit your dog and keep your car looking its best. Rubber Mats A rubber mat isn’t specifically designed for dogs, but does offers a range of benefits for any dog who is likely to make your boot wet, whether because they’ve been out running through wet terrains, or are yet to be fully toilet trained. They offer waterproof protection to your boot, as well as being designed to reduce the chance of your soggy dog slipping around in the boot as you turn corners. There are many options on the market, but here at the Hatchbag Company, we have developed our range of elite rubber mats to sit over the base of our Hatchbag boot liners, each designed specifically for an exact car make and model. While our rubber mats are only available in black, they’re able to complement our range of boot liners, available in colours including blue, brown, grey, pink and red. We would recommend the rubber mat as a suggested dog mat choice for heavy use. The top surface of our rubber mats features a Penny/Stud design that is innovatively designed to reduce slip, but also allow objects to move across the mat’s surface without snagging or ripping it. Meanwhile, the underside of the mat is textured to eliminate any slip between the boot liner and the mat. Odour Control Mats It is inevitable that your dog is going to get a bit smelly from time to time, especially when they get wet. As we’ve covered already, the autumn and winter months bring particular consideration for damp and dirt, which in turn bring a range of potentially ‘interesting’ smells! There are a variety of odour control mat options for the home, designed for dog beds and other sleeping areas, but the options for cars are more limited. Or at least, they were. The good news is that here at the Hatchbag Company we’ve developed a quilted blanket-style odour mat which offers comfort as well as containing activated carbon that is built to absorb and eliminate bad odours. Any odour control mat we produce will be tailored to fit perfectly inside the bespoke Hatchbag boot liner for whichever make and model of car you own. Additionally, all of the odour control pet mats we sell feature a special finish that repels both hair and dirt. The mats are available in black, which provides a stylish complement to the range of colour options our boot liners provide. HatchBed Mats We’ve covered dealing with wet, and with smell, but what if you’re looking to offer your dog the height of comfort as they travel? Here’s where we can offer another option that really sets us apart from the general market for dog mats. We offer an option called the HatchBed – see what we did there? -  that offers a soft pile rug-style lining of around 25mm depth. Even better, they come in three main size options which are designed and tailored to fit inside the specific boot liner match for your vehicle. HatchBeds utilise a unique non-slip ribbed rubber backing to ensure they stay securely in place and let your dog fully relax and even snuggle up on their comfy new surface. HatchBed mats are washing machine and tumble drier suitable and supplied in pairs, so you always have a clean/spare one. It’s no wonder that our HatchBed mats are recommended by many Vets and pet care professionals, with many clients attesting to the fact that their dogs have never had a more comfortable ride. Our selection of HatchBed mats are only available in charcoal colour at present, but again, the classy colour and design combination allows them to fit perfectly with a range of boot liner colour options. We hope this has provided a helpful overview of the best dog car mat options you can employ. We love seeing dogs well cared for and are aware that this has previously been overlooked when it comes to car journeys, which can be an anxious time for many dogs. With that in mind, we’ve put together a range of car mat options that provide your dog with the best possible surfaces to make them comfortable, while providing your car with ideal protection. We hope you enjoy taking a look across our range and finding the ideal option for your car and your dog.