Comparing the Hatchbag boot liner to the alternatives

Comparing Hatchbag to boot liner alternatives | What should you know about buying car boot liners?


Whether you're embarking on a hiking trip or simply going on holiday with your pet, your car boot may endure a variety of scuffs and stains. Boot liners that are tailored specifically to your car's model will help protect your interiors from these unavoidable hazards, and make travelling that much easier. With a wide range of boot liner products available, it is important to consider certain factors before buying a boot protector.

This guide will explore the various car boot liners available, comparing Hatchbag with alternatives, and what you should consider when buying car accessories.

Discover elements that may factor in your decision when buying car accessories.

Compare Hatchbag with other boot liner alternatives with this table.

Find out the best car accessories for pets, and the importance of a tailored boot liner.

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What factors should you consider when buying a tailored boot liner?

Consider boot liners that provide unique qualities to ensure you get the best deal.

The type of material

The material you need for your boot liner depends on certain lifestyle choices.

Popular materials for boot liners include:

  • Reinforced PVC offers strong protection and is thicker than a traditional boot mat. The material is water resistant and ideal for families with pets, as it provides durability to protect your car.

  • Polyester is a durable plastic material offering waterproof protection. However, polyester is less flexible than PVC.

  • Quilted fabric offers anti-slip and comfort. However, this material is also absorbent, and typically unsuitable as a protective boot liner. Water damage and pet odours can seep into the fabric, shortening the liner's lifespan.

Hatchbag provides custom boot liners that have been tailored to meet specific car makes and models. Our Hatchbag boot liner is made of reinforced, soft PVC, which is far less likely to absorb any odours from pets or mud compared with other fabric materials.

Browse through our range of car boot liners here.

Manufacturing times

Manufacturing times can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the production location and size of the operation.

Certain brands, like Hatchbag, tailor-make their boot liners to your car's specific model and year rather than using pre-made templates. This extends the manufacturing time. However, your boot liner will be bespoke to your vehicle and therefore fit perfectly.


Ensure you find a boot liner that will suit your needs and cater to your lifestyle. For example, will you be travelling with pets? Do you have small children that require a pram? Or will you frequently be travelling with muddy gear, such as rain boots or camping and hiking equipment?

You will find most boot liners will be suitable for various activities. However, checking this on the product page is always a safe bet.

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Comparing Hatchbag to boot liner alternatives

Every boot liner brand has its pros and cons. Compare the UK's most popular brands with this table below:



Colour choices

Price Range

Delivery Charge

Manufacturing times



Reinforced PVC

7 colours



FREE UK mainland


working days

Over The Top

Quilted fabric

3 colours



UK mainland £5.99

Free over £75

Up to 10

 working days

Rhino UK

Bonded polyester

13 colours

From £65


Free over £50


working days

Premier Products

Quilted and PVC coated fabric

5 colours



Free over £25

3 – 5

working days

Bootliners UK


Quilted fabric

5 colours



Free over £25

3 – 10

working days

Titan Covers


6 colours



UK mainland £4.99 - £6.99

10 – 15

working days

Boot buddy

Copolymer polypropylene

Only available in black

£97.95 +VAT

£13.95 UK delivery

2.5 weeks

Many brands will provide a limited range of car boot liners without taking into account that certain makes will slightly differ from each other. Hatchbag tailors each of their boot liners specifically to each vehicle, extending their variety.

To find out more about custom boot liners and accessories, contact Hatchbag today to speak to one of our team.

What are the best car boot liners for pets?

Travelling and holidaying with pets has become the norm as many owners may not want to leave man's best friend at home. If you have a pet such as a dog, consider how to make your dog comfortable during these long trips. Also, just because your dog loves a run in the mud does not mean your car has to suffer. Ensure your boot liner is easy to clean and waterproof to help protect the car boot from water, dirt, and other stains. Consider finding boot liners that also provide protection from odours.

Choosing the right pet accessories can help improve your pet's comfort, smell and safety of your pet, as well as protect your car boot.

Examples of accessories include:

  • A boot mat – improving comfort for your pet.

  • Odour mats – eliminate unpleasant dog smells.

  • Pet beds – travel-size beds for pets.

  • Rubber mat - to eliminate any slips.

  • Tailgate cover

  • Tailored seat flap

To find out more about the best boot liners for dogs, read our expert guide here.

Why choose Hatchbag?

Hatchbag's liners are manufactured to order in the UK. We use the latest scanning technology to ensure your lining fits perfectly into your car, without losing any boot space. Our cutting-edge scanning technology lets us design and create liners to suit most boot variations.

Our bespoke design approach means we ask customers detailed questions for more complex boot shapes to make sure we manufacture the correct liner for every specific boot.

Plus, our durable reinforced PVC material ensures that your liner will last for many, many years to come.

Just fill out your vehicle’s details below to find your perfect car boot liner.

Contact Hatchbag today to find out more about our custom boot liners.

Frequently asked questions

How do you fit a car boot liner?

In preparation, remove the load cover and ensure your car boot is clean of any debris. Place the boot liner on top, using the hook fasteners to weld it into place. If you have questions, make sure to contact the Hatchbag team.

Find out more about fitting a car boot liner with our expert guide.