Protect your car boot from dog hair!

The question dog owners across the county face, irrelevant as to whether they have a brand new car or if they have had a vehicle for months/years is: How do I protect my car boot from being covered in dog hair?

We’ve all been there, following a day of adventure with our pet pooch, we arrive home, let the dogs out of the back and are faced with dog hair and muddy paw prints everywhere. And, so, the process of cleaning the car boot begins, even though we know that the next time you take your dog out, you are going to be faced with the same dilemma. So, here at Hatchbag, we appreciate your time is precious and have come up with a way to keep your boot, dog hair free!

Step 1: Clean your boot from pet hair

If you have a brand new car then your car boot will be pet hair free, however, for those whose pooches have been in the boot already, the first step is to remove the hair.

To do this, you will need to give the car a good hoover out and also either use a pet hair removal brush to remove the hair from carpet, or, wrap your hands in cellotape to remove the dog hair from the carpet.

To prevent you from having to repeat step 1 on a frequent basis, you may want to invest in a boot liner. All our boot liners are tailor-made to fit the contours of each specific car model and are made from tough, waterproof and non-absorbent fabric. Plus, they are wipeable meaning, if you want to give them a clean it will literally take a couple of minutes.

You can also customise your boot liner to suit you and your family and pets needs. So, if you need a boot liner to just cover the base, the sides and back of the seats then a Standard version will be more than suitable.

a blue boot liner

Step 2: Prepare their space

Should you wish to give your pet more space by folding your backseats down with the liner in situ then you will need to upgrade the Standard version with either a Rear Plus or Rear Split. The Rear Plus allows you to fold your backseats down altogether, whereas, the Rear Split offers more flexibility in that you can fold your backseats down individually or altogether.

an orange boot liner with folded rear seatsa grey bootliner with back seats partially folded

And, if you want to protect your bumper from being scratched or from muddy dog paws then we also offer a bumper flap, which attaches to a loop fastener strip at the end of the liner and can be rolled away in the boot when not in use.

an orange bumper flap

If you have big dogs that like to drool over the headrests then a Rear Seat Flap might be of use, which attaches to the top of the backseats and flaps over the headrests. And for pets that like to press their bum up against the boot door, a tailgate cover will not go amiss.

a grey boot liner

Step 3: Cleaning your hook and loop fasteners!

Inevitably no matter how much we try, some pet hair will be attracted to some of the hook and loop fasteners, especially owners who have more curious pooches. But, we have a few tricks to help keep the hook and loop fasteners pet hair free.

Before fitting your boot liner, you may want to squirt the hook and loop fasteners with anti-static spray, as this will prevent the fasteners being covered in hair.

However, should hair accumulate in the hook and loop fasteners then you can use either a lint roller, tweezers, a comb, duct tape or even a toothbrush to remove the hair. Then you can use the anti-static spray to prevent hair from getting into hook and loop fasteners again.

Step 4: Keep pet odour at bay

And finally, we all know how much our four-legged-friends like to jump in puddles, lakes, or roll around in mud and sand, not only covering them in muck but also giving them a distinct smell. So, in order to keep pet odour at bay, Hatchbag have come up with an odour mat, which is comfortable for your pooch to sit or lie on with the quilted material, but it also has a charcoal layer in the middle to absorb unwanted odours.

a black dog sitting in a car boot

Now, you can spend more time with your beloved pet than cleaning out your car boot. Don’t forget to send us your snaps of your pooch on the road, as we love sharing them on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page.

Why is a boot liner perfect in keeping your boot clean from a new puppy?

A new member has joined the family albeit they may be small, hairy and full of beans, when the question pops into your head, how are you going to keep the car boot clean with a puppy on board. One things for certain your boot will end up being full of dog hair and dirt, which means you will have to spend a lot of your time either hoovering or cleaning it or the hair itself will end up getting entwined into the boot carpet making it nigh impossible to remove. So, here is where Hatchbag’s boot liners come in.

And to see how well our boot liners suit a new puppy, we have Eddie the Westie, an eight month old puppy, who is very active and lively to be our tester. His owner has a Citroen DS4 and has chosen a red boot liner with a rear plus, which allows her to fold the backseats down all together should she wish. This is the perfect way to protect her boot from little Eddie.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Puppies are very nosy and always want to look and touch everything around them. So, if your puppy is like Eddie and enjoys putting his paws on the back of the seats to peek outside the front window then it won’t be too long until the back of the seats are covered in doggy hair or dirt from mucky paws. But this can all be protected with a boot liner.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Or it may be that after a long stroll in the park your little furry friend wants to take a rest by nestling his bum against the backseats and therefore, you want to protect your boot.

dog in a boot with a boot liner

Our boot liners also suit puppies who travel in a dog cage. As a dog cage is open at all sides then I can guarantee that in a matter of seconds of your puppy being in the cage in the car, their hair will end up getting everywhere – it is astounding just how much a little thing can spread so much hair. But with our boot liner you will not need to worry and your pooch can shake away without you thinking, oh no I am going to have to clean my car boot again!

dog in a boot with a boot liner

So, as you can see our boot liner is a perfect match for a puppy, Eddie himself has given us the paws up, in keeping your car boot clean from dirty puppy paws and puppy hair. And your little nosy four legged friend can roam around the boot or rest his bum on the sides of the boot without making a mess.

So, why not go and find your vehicle here and choose the perfect colour boot liner for you and your furry friend!

Your Dog Magazine winner announced!

A few weeks ago we gave Your Dog Magazine subscribers the chance to win one of our custom made Hatchbag boot covers.

We are delighted to announce our winner Chris White and his lovely German Shepherd, Millie. We hope that Chris and Millie enjoy their new Hatchbag Boot Liner!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages for information on up and coming competitions - you never know next time it could be you!


Why dog owners need a car boot liner

The Hatchbag Company's boot liners can protect your car boot from a range of dirt and minimize damage, and are an ideal product for dog owners.  Your car will feel the strain of taking your four-legged friend out for a long walk or day trip.  As much fun as this may be, it’s not such a happy matter for your car boot on the way home when your canine returns muddy, wet and smelly!

Why dog owners need a car boot liner

Find out why dog owners need a car boot liner:

If you love your car as much as your dog, you can protect it from the rigours of pet ownership with a car boot liner. It's the perfect solution to prevent dog-related damage.

Clean car boot

The Hatchbag Company creates boot liners specially designed to fit more than 400 models of car for it to act like a second skin, so that no dirt, grit or fur can sneak through any gaps. These are easy to fit and remove with a simple but secure Velcro strap system. With one in place, you won't have to go for a full valet every time your dog travels in the boot of your car, as you can simply wipe it down.

No smells

Protect your boot from doggy odours permeating your car with an odour control mat. The mat has a quilted blanket which contains activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odours. Simply place this in the boot of the car, it will keep your car clean and fresh and provide a more pleasant travel experience for your dog.

Dog safety in the car

The car boot liner is not just an aesthetic aid but will also help to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable while they travel. With a secure fit, the liner will hold in place while your dog is sitting or standing in the boot and you can even add mats to fit on top of it for extra protection.  You could also opt for a hatch bed which can be placed onto the boot liner which is soft and very comfortable for dogs.

With a boot liner in place, your car boot will remain clean and fresh even after transporting the muddiest dog!  This is a high-quality car-protection product that no dog owner who drives should be without.