Volvo XC90 boot liner now on sale

The all new Volvo XC90 is a great vehicle for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a distinctive exterior and an abundance of added features, the XC90 has it all when it comes to a luxury 4x4. The fun of family days out and outdoor adventures can often come at a cost; especially when it comes to your car boot. So, why not protect it with a bespoke boot liner! The new Volvo XC90 boot liner comes with a range of optional extra including a rear set flat and drop down tailgate cover. The Volvo XC90 boot liner is available for both 5 seater and 7 seater models. For more information about the Volvo XC90 boot liner, simply click here. If you don’t see your car model in our catalogue, then why not drop us a line? It could be the next addition to our product range!

101 Ideas for Having Fun with the Kids this Summer

It is our pleasure to introduce the Best of British 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the Kids this Summer eBook. With the winter months finally behind us and the summer sun starting to warm our backs it’s time to look outdoors and plan our summer adventures. Put together with the help of more than 100 of the best British bloggers, each of the ideas found within this ebook come straight from the heart and is one of the longstanding loves of each blogger involved. So, without any further hesitation, welcome to the gateway of summer adventures that you will remember for a lifetime. Oh, and if the good old British weather doesn’t quite hold out, don’t forget your Hatchbag! btn-view-now

A ‘Mini’ Announcement: The Clubman Hatchbag Is Here!

You asked… We listened! As one of our most popular models, the Mini Clubman has been flying out of the factory. But, since 2015, newer model owners haven’t been able to enjoy a Hatchbag boot liner, that was, until now! Hatchbag HQ are proud to announce the launch of the Mini Clubman (2015 models onwards). Not only does the boot liner come in 7 stunning colours, but, Mini Clubman owners can also enjoy two versions of this practical accessory; a low or raised floor version. Owners also have the option to decide whether they want their seats reclined (offering more comfort for passengers), or in the upright position (offering additional boot space). The Mini Clubman is cutting edge in style and versatility, making a Hatchbag boot liner a must have accessory for any Clubman owner! For more information about our products for the Mini simply click here. If you don’t see your car model in our catalogue then why not drop us a line? It could be the next addition to our product range!

Citroën DS4 Hatchbag Now Available!

Sixty years after the original DS, Citroen have launched the new DS4. Described as a hybrid of saloon, coupe and compact 4x4, the Citroen DS4 is so much more than a conventional family hatchback.  The model continues to demonstrate pioneering design, technology and comfort…. And now thanks to Hatchbag, it has its own bespoke boot liner! Following a flurry of enquiries about the DS4, Hatchbag has been busy creating the latest addition to their product range. Available in seven striking colours, your Hatchbag boot liner can match the fun and personality of your DS4.  For more information or to purchase your own boot liner click here.

Announcing The New Audi Q7 Boot Liner!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Audi Q7 Hatchbag boot liner! The Audi Q7 is the ultimate luxurious sports vehicle with 4x4 drive, the car is designed to provide its passengers with the utmost comfort and ease of drive. The Audi Q7 has all the benefits of a larger vehicle with 7 seats and a spacious interior. It also has the ability to cruise along motorways with ease whilst maintaining the stylish sports vehicle look. Now your Q7 can have the ultimate protection with a custom fit boot liner, allowing the boot upholstery to remain flawless no matter how much use the car gets. The Hatchbag Audi Q7 custom fit boot liner has been specifically created to perfectly fit the shape of the Q7 interior, making sure that not the slightest bit of dirt can get to your carboot. Our bespoke boot liners come in a range of colours, so you can protect your Q7 in style. Get yours here today:

The new BMW X4 boot liner has arrived!

The BMW X4 is a lower, more athletic looking version of the X3 model; therefore BMW has named the new model as a Sport Activity Coupe (SAC). The X4 is the same length as the X3 so allows for five occupants, however, due to the lower sloping roof, the car appears sleeker, smaller and sportier. All the X4’s are 4x4 drives, in order to provide all the passengers with ultimate comfort and safety during their driving experience, wherever and on whatever terrain your travels may take you on. So, we are thrilled to announce the release of the BMW X4 Hatchbag boot liner!

 Down at Hatchbag, the team have been working hard to create a boot liner that is tailor made to perfectly fit the boot interior of the BMW X4, and we are very proud of the new addition to our forever growing collection. Now, all those BMW X4 owners can feel at ease knowing they can give their vehicle the utmost protection from the day to day wear and tear of life. The BMW family also contains the X1, X3 and X5 models,, for which we also supply a range of tailor made boot liners to fit each individual car perfectly.

The new boot liner comes in a great range of colours to compliment your X4, so that you can experience the ultimate car upholstery protection in style. So, what are you waiting for, get your BMX X4 Hatchbag boot liner today!


We’re all having a Barking Mad Summer Holiday!

The lovely people at Barking Mad truly are every dog’s best friend, offering ‘homey’ holidays for pooches whilst their owners are away. The 5 star service includes door-to-door, chauffeur driven transport for your dog. Being collected from home is far less stressful, and completely overcomes the anxiety caused to dogs when left behind by their owners. In no time at all, they’ve become part of the family, with their paws placed firmly under the table. Barking Mad works with host families who are carefully selected to look after customer's dogs while they are on holiday offering a home from home for your furry friend. It is safe to say that all of the host families are dotty about dogs, some are active retired people who’ve had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on holiday. Others are younger, often with a family at home, where the addition of a visiting dog is great fun for all. The hosts are at home during the day to ensure round the clock care is always provided, especially where puppies, dogs on regular medication and senior citizens are concerned. They’re in touch with the hosts regularly, so can keep you posted during your time away about anything you need to know. Take a look at this video and find out more about how Barking Mad works! We are always looking for more lovely host families to give dogs a holiday home, if you are someone you know would be interested watch ‘A host’s story’ here

Free delivery!

As an extra special treat we are offering all of our lovely customers free delivery on all of our products! So if you did fancy yourself a custom made Hatchbag boot protector, or if you wanted to customise one that you already have with a New Mat or a tailgate cover now is the time to do so. FreeDelivery-Small (1) *Free delivery on all Hatchbag products for orders to UK mainland only. Offer not valid for shipping to Highlands and Islands.

New: Mini Mk III Hatch Boot Liners

At The Hatchbag Company, we specialise in the custom creation of boot liners to fit the precise dimensions of your vehicle's make and model. There are three brand new liners available, all designed to fit the Mini Mk III Hatch. These liners are suitable for the three-door model (from 2014 onwards).  We offer three different variations of the liner, depending on the way you use your car:  

Raised Floor Boot Liner

The Raised Floor version of the liner is perfect for protecting your upholstery if you use your car with its false floor in place. Fitting neatly into your boot, the liner protects the base and sides of the car, as well as the back of the rear passenger seats.

Boot Liners

Low Floor Boot Liner

The Low Floor version of the liner is designed to suit cars with the false floor removed – perfect if you want to maximise the depth of your boot. The liner follows the contours of the load area, and is tailored to fit into the ‘well’ in the base of the boot.  

Full Boot Liner

If you are transporting larger items on a regular basis, such as muddy outdoor equipment or animals, opt for the Full Liner. Simply fold down the rear row of seats in your car and this larger liner will accommodate all your transportation requirements.

Boot Liners

Each liner is manufactured from tough, reinforced PVC for maximum protection. With a whole range of colours to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit your lifestyle.

Boot Liners

Shop the range of Mini Mk III Hatch Boot Liners now


Welcome to The Hatchbag Company

Here at The Hatchbag Company, we are excited to introduce to you our new blog, which accompanies our new and improved website. There are some excellent new features on the site including an improved quick search function, a new ‘clearance’ section for great bargains, new mobile site and demonstration videos to show you just how easy it is to use your hatchbag.  Find out more about our new Hatchbag Blog... Welcome to Hatchbag Behind the new look website, The Hatchbag  Company continues to produce the same high quality boot liners, pet mats and odour control mats that our customers have come to know and love. While Hatchbag boot liners are ideal for dog owners who have to transport their pets around even when they are wet, muddy and a little bit smelly, they are also suitable for anyone who has to use their car boot to carry sports equipment, household rubbish, tools, baby prams and pushchairs, gardening equipment or anything else that could mark or damage your car boot. A Hatchbag boot liner can help to keep your car in showroom condition by lining and protecting the base and sides of your boot.  There are over 400 different models and come in a range of colours. They are made with a tough, wipe clean finish and easy fitting velcro straps. For further protection and for extra comfort for your four-legged friend, Hatchbag also offers extra mats to sit on top of the liner on your boot floor. The odour control mats are ideal for dogs whose smell tends to linger, the Hatchbed offers your canine companion a cosseting ride and the rubber mats provide all round protection. We pride ourselves on great customer service so if your car could use a boot liner, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team for more information and check out some of the customer reviews on our website to show you just how useful a Hatchbag boot liner could be! Enjoy our new site and welcome to The Hatchbag Company.