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Renaults are great family cars, which means they are often used for a variety of activities. Whether it is taking the kids to sports practice or the dogs for a walk, these activities can often lead to the car interior becoming dirty. We understand that your Renault car may be vulnerable to dirt as a valued family car, but our experts want to offer peace of mind when it comes to the use of your car's boot.

With our high-quality boot protection, we will ensure your Renault is protected from damage caused by dirt and damp for a long time. Here at The Hatchbag Company, we are committed to enabling you to have great moments with your family without worrying about your Renault interior getting dirty. The second skin feature of the boot protector we provide acts as a lasting backup that is easily maintainable.

Our tailor-made boot liners for Renault cars protect the interior of your boot and keep it in excellent condition for longer. As well as being tailor-made to fit your exact model of Renault, our high-quality boot liners have the advantage of being:

  • Manufactured from reinforced PVC, providing excellent protection against spills, mud and dog hairs
  • Easy to wipe down, with no need to remove the boot liner to clean it
  • Available with a variety of optional extras that provide flexibility and added protection

You can select from our range of optional extras from the panel on this page. To take a look at what each one offers and how they can complement your custom Renault boot liner, click here.

You can choose a custom-made boot liner for your Renault by selecting the model from the list on this page. Once you’ve decided the colour, and any of the optional extras, you can place your order and we will make it to your exact requirements without you needing to take any measurements; we have them all here.

The personable staff team at the Hatchbag Company are more than happy to offer support by advising you on the range of elite boot liner options we have for your Renault. Get in touch with our team of experts through phone, email or the online enquiry form available on our website and an expert will be in touch the soonest. We know that a client owning a Renault is selective.

We, therefore, provide custom made boot liners that will fit perfectly guaranteeing lasting protection. The dedication we have enables us to offer boot liners for specific Renault models, ensuring the preferences of every client are considered.

Clients who are already satisfied and decided can go ahead and place their order for the Renault boot liner. Just use our list of selection to pick your Renault model boot protector. Do not forget to select a colour that matches the design tastes of your Renault from the array of vibrant options we offer. After following the simple steps provided to place an order, our staff will have your boot liner with you soon.