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If you've got a Smart Car that you want to keep in a condition that lives up to its name, then a custom-made boot liner is a great start. The boot liners that we supply here at The Hatchbag Company are made of high-quality reinforced PVC, designed to protect against the dirt and spills that can occur over the years.

As well as providing great protection to the boot of your Smart Car, our tailor-made boot liners are designed to be easily maintained. The high-quality PVC protective skin is easy to wipe down, while the optional car mats can be removed and washed. It means that as well as protection, you get added value from the time and money saved cleaning the interior and replacing a low-grade alternative that will degrade much quicker.

There’s no need to measure your boot; you simply have to select the model of your Smart Car and then you can choose the colour to suit your style needs and select from our optional extras range. Available options include:

  • The Rear Plus (with or without Split Seat)
  • The Rear Seat Flap
  • The Bumper Flap
  • The Tailgate Cover
  • The Boot Liner Extension
  • Hatchbag Car Mat

To find out more about the additional optional extras we offer and some of their key features, click here.

The expert team here at The Hatchbag Company are committed to making quality boot liners for Smart Cars which enable users to experience a high level of flexibility. Our items give you peace of mind as you use your boot, allowing you to extensively utilise your boot without worrying about it becoming dirty and smelly. As mentioned already, the materials used on our Smart Car boot liners are very maintainable and sturdy.

We have looked at generic low-grade boot and seen how much less they offer in terms of fit, style and durability compared to quality custom boot liners. Generic boot covers don’t even fit exactly, let alone provide the level of protection required of an elite boot protector. If you entrust us with the care and protection of your Smart Car’s boot, we guarantee long-term protection of your car model with the boot liner we offer.

Here at The Hatchbag Company, we will help you with any of the questions you may have concerning our boot liners and accessories. If you have any queries, reach us by phone or email or online enquiry form. We will get a customer care staff member to handle your case quickly and offer professional and helpful advice as we support you with selecting the ideal boot liner for your Smart Car.

For those who are already satisfied and have decided to purchase a custom boot liner for their Smart Car, this page has the list of options we offer. Consider the colour match for the design tastes of your Smart Car, and after following the simple steps required for checkout, we will have your boot liner with you soon.