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As an extra special treat we are offering all of our lovely customers free delivery on all of our products!

So if you did fancy yourself a custom made Hatchbag boot protector, or if you wanted to customise one that you already have with a New Mat or a tailgate cover now is the time to do so.

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*Free delivery on all Hatchbag products for orders to UK mainland only. Offer not valid for shipping to Highlands and Islands.

New: Mini Mk III Hatch Boot Liners

At The Hatchbag Company, we specialise in the custom creation of boot liners to fit the precise dimensions of your vehicle's make and model. There are three brand new liners available, all designed to fit the Mini Mk III Hatch. These liners are suitable for the three-door model (from 2014 onwards).  We offer three different variations of the liner, depending on the way you use your car:

Raised Floor Boot Liner

The Raised Floor version of the liner is perfect for protecting your upholstery if you use your car with its false floor in place. Fitting neatly into your boot, the liner protects the base and sides of the car, as well as the back of the rear passenger seats.

Boot Liners

Low Floor Boot Liner

The Low Floor version of the liner is designed to suit cars with the false floor removed – perfect if you want to maximise the depth of your boot. The liner follows the contours of the load area, and is tailored to fit into the ‘well’ in the base of the boot.

Each liner is manufactured from tough, reinforced PVC for maximum protection. With a whole range of colours to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit your lifestyle.

Boot Liners

Shop the range of Mini Mk III Hatch Boot Liners now

Keeping car clean after Children's Activities

We use our cars to ferry children to their various sporting activities and after-school clubs but the impact on the once smart interior of the vehicle can be significant. Within just a few hours the upholstery and car interior can become so messy and dirty that you may as well have not bothered to clean them. One of the best ways to minimise this problem is to fit your car with a protective boot liner.

keeping car clean after childrens activites

You may love watching the kids play football but the result on your car on the trip back home is less enjoyable. Wet towels and costumes after swimming classes can make the fabric in your car damp. Even after dance and gymnastics classes the glitter from costumes can spreads throughout your vehicle. Bulky sporting equipment such as scooters, bikes, golf clubs or cricket kits can also leave muddy streaks and potentially damage your upholstery.

Keeping a spare change of clean, dry clothes for the journey home is always a good idea. Ensure that you have a few plastic bags in the back of the car for wet or dirty kits. Most importantly, you can protect your car's interior from wet and mud in the first place by fitting a protective boot liner.

Hatchbag boot liners are designed to fit the specific dimensions of your car's boot. Simply select your vehicle make and model and choose your preferred colour for a durable boot liner. The liner can be easily removed for cleaning to ensure that your car retains its spotless interior, whatever family life may throw at it.

Spring cleaning tips

This is the perfect time of year for a spring clean in the home. Not only is the weather improving, but the lighter evenings and the upcoming May Bank Holidays mean that there is a little extra time to get on with all those household jobs you've been putting off. Discover our spring cleaning tips!

Spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring clean your home by tackling one room at a time. Clear out any rubbish, then sort through the rest of your belongings. Be ruthless, keeping only what you really need, before sorting the rest into piles to donate to charity or disposing of. Clean each room, working from top to bottom and making a list of any DIY jobs that need doing. Get the small, easy ones done first then make a plan for the larger projects. Once done, you can then freshen up any rooms that need decorating.

Clean outside the house too

It's not just the house that can benefit from a spring cleaning. With the lighter nights and warmer weather, it's the perfect time to get out in the garden. Clear out the shed and get rid of any broken tools or unwanted pots. Jet-washing the patio and giving the decking a fresh coat of sealant will brighten them up ready for relaxing in the sunshine. Clearing away all the fallen leaves, pruning back dead branches and giving the lawn a good cut can make a real difference. Then you can get on with the exciting business of choosing some new plants.

Dispose of your unwanted items

Once you've finished your spring clean, take your unwanted items to the tip for recycling or disposal. Fitting your car with a boot liner before you start will make sure that you keep mess and dirt off your upholstery. This is particularly important when you are transporting garden waste or any greasy or messy rubbish from that shed clear-out.

So why not take advantage of the lighter nights to give your home a good spring clean, inside and out.

How to fit a car boot liner

A boot liner is an essential piece of kit if you regularly transport dirty or large items in the boot of your car, such as pets, sports equipment or other potentially damaging goods. Not only does a liner help to keep the inside of your boot clean, but it also protects against damage to the interior of your vehicle. In order to get the most effective performance from your liner, it is vital to ensure it is correctly fitted, so follow our handy guide to installation.

how to fit a car boot liner

How to fit a car boot liner

It couldn’t be easier to fit your specially designed boot liner. Simply unfold your Hatchbag, ensuring that the base sits neatly in the boot. If you have Velcro-friendly carpet, the liner can be secured directly to this. Alternatively, you will need to apply self-adhesive Velcro tabs to the plastic or metal of your boot interior. Spread the liner over the base of the boot, and secure the back in position around the rear headrests, using the Velcro straps. Once the back of the liner is in position, secure each of the side panels with the Velcro tabs provided to either the carpet or the plastics.  Full Fitting Instructions will be sent out to you with your liner.

If you often transport wet dogs or muddy outdoor sports equipment, your boot liner may become dirty. To ensure your liner stays in great condition, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove mud, grease or dirt.

Removing the boot liner

When it's not in use, it is simple to remove your boot liner. Loosen the Velcro tabs around the base and side panels, before undoing the straps around the headrests. Fold the side flaps down, followed by the back of the liner, before removing it carefully from the boot of your vehicle.

If you regularly take your liner in and out of your vehicle, you may wish to consider our ‘Frequent Use Velcro Patches’, which reduce the fluffing effect on the carpet. See our Accessories section for more information.

Each Hatchbag is designed to follow the contours of your specific model of vehicle, so you can be assured that getting the perfect fit every time is quick and simple. Check out our video for more information about fitting your car boot liner.

For more information, watch our video.

Hatchbag featured in Auto Express

The Hatchbag Company have recently appeared online as part of a review by Auto Express who were in search of the Best of Boot liners.  10 boot liners were put to the test to see which provided the most protection and coverage for spills aswell as impact protection.

Hatchbag - Featured In Auto Express

Range of Coloured Boot liners

Within the review, we were acknowledged for having a large range of colours and optional extras available for the boot liners and how they cover the boot but also the rear seats and side panels.  There is also mention of some optional extras that we offer that allow the boot liner to cover the top of the rear seats and the rear door. They also sampled our Rubber Mat which they mentioned provides great impact protection.

Top 3 Boot liner

The verdict was revealed as we were named as the third best car boot liner… it’s only onwards and upwards from here! Read our boot liner review on Auto Express .

Essential Equipment for Fishing

Before you head out on your fishing trip, it’s important to ensure you have gathered the right equipment.    Though a great deal of fishing tools are tailored to certain styles of fishing, there is still a list of key items any keen fisherman would do well to heed.  Discover our essential equipment for fishing:

Essential Equipment for Fishing


Usually made from fibreglass or carbon fibre for increased pliability, modern fishing rods are categorised on a range of characteristics. Their responsiveness to touch, how well they bend and their core strength are all factors in choosing the right rod, given fishing conditions and personal preferences.


Whether it's pulling in a fish or preparing for another cast, the reel allows for smooth and rapid movement of the line along the length of the rod. High-end reels incorporate a ‘V’ spool for an even line-lay and drag systems to avoid over-spooling and being overpowered.

Line and Poles

These tools are the fisherman’s connection with his quarry. They are seen very much as workmanlike items compared to shiny reels and lures, but it is crucial to get them right. Lines come in different materials, such as braid and mono filament, and are classed according to variables such as strength, elasticity and visibility.


Upon biting the bait at the end of the line, a fish becomes hooked through their upper lip. Shape, size and materials are variables that can be customised, depending on the type of fish intended for the hook.

Head Torch

The advantage of a head-mounted torch is that fishing is possible in poorer light without occupying one of your hands. And passers-by, such as cyclists and motorists, are alerted to your presence.

Boot Liner

When transporting a large amount of equipment that is likely to get dirty as well as wet, a good boot liner is key. A good-sized sheet of hardy material will ensure a minimum of damage and spillage inside your car’s boot.


The fun of fishing can diminish very quickly if adverse weather sets in. Waterproof jackets and trousers at least keep the rain off, and layers will provide your body with good insulation.

Welcome to The Hatchbag Company

Here at The Hatchbag Company, we are excited to introduce to you our new blog, which accompanies our new and improved website. There are some excellent new features on the site including an improved quick search function, a new ‘clearance’ section for great bargains, new mobile site and demonstration videos to show you just how easy it is to use your hatchbag.  Find out more about our new Hatchbag Blog...

Welcome to Hatchbag

Behind the new look website, The Hatchbag  Company continues to produce the same high quality boot liners, pet mats and odour control mats that our customers have come to know and love.

While Hatchbag boot liners are ideal for dog owners who have to transport their pets around even when they are wet, muddy and a little bit smelly, they are also suitable for anyone who has to use their car boot to carry sports equipment, household rubbish, tools, baby prams and pushchairs, gardening equipment or anything else that could mark or damage your car boot.

A Hatchbag boot liner can help to keep your car in showroom condition by lining and protecting the base and sides of your boot.  There are over 400 different models and come in a range of colours. They are made with a tough, wipe clean finish and easy fitting velcro straps.

For further protection and for extra comfort for your four-legged friend, Hatchbag also offers extra mats to sit on top of the liner on your boot floor. The odour control mats are ideal for dogs whose smell tends to linger, the Hatchbed offers your canine companion a cosseting ride and the rubber mats provide all round protection.

We pride ourselves on great customer service so if your car could use a boot liner, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team for more information and check out some of the customer reviews on our website to show you just how useful a Hatchbag boot liner could be! Enjoy our new site and welcome to The Hatchbag Company.

Why dog owners need a car boot liner

The Hatchbag Company's boot liners can protect your car boot from a range of dirt and minimize damage, and are an ideal product for dog owners.  Your car will feel the strain of taking your four-legged friend out for a long walk or day trip.  As much fun as this may be, it’s not such a happy matter for your car boot on the way home when your canine returns muddy, wet and smelly!

Why dog owners need a car boot liner

Find out why dog owners need a car boot liner:

If you love your car as much as your dog, you can protect it from the rigours of pet ownership with a car boot liner. It's the perfect solution to prevent dog-related damage.

Clean car boot

The Hatchbag Company creates boot liners specially designed to fit more than 400 models of car for it to act like a second skin, so that no dirt, grit or fur can sneak through any gaps. These are easy to fit and remove with a simple but secure Velcro strap system. With one in place, you won't have to go for a full valet every time your dog travels in the boot of your car, as you can simply wipe it down.

No smells

Protect your boot from doggy odours permeating your car with an odour control mat. The mat has a quilted blanket which contains activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odours. Simply place this in the boot of the car, it will keep your car clean and fresh and provide a more pleasant travel experience for your dog.

Dog safety in the car

The car boot liner is not just an aesthetic aid but will also help to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable while they travel. With a secure fit, the liner will hold in place while your dog is sitting or standing in the boot and you can even add mats to fit on top of it for extra protection.  You could also opt for a hatch bed which can be placed onto the boot liner which is soft and very comfortable for dogs.

With a boot liner in place, your car boot will remain clean and fresh even after transporting the muddiest dog!  This is a high-quality car-protection product that no dog owner who drives should be without.

3 ways to protect your car boot

Keeping the boot of your car in pristine condition can be a tough task. Daily usage can introduce grit and dirt and carrying equipment can cause general wear and tear to it.  You may wonder what happened to the beautiful interior of when you first purchased the car!

However, if you want to avoid being left with a frayed and scratched car interior follow our top 3 days to protect your car boot.

Follow our top 3 ways to protect your car boot:

Boot liner for your Boot

The boot of your car often has a very tough life. Whether it's transporting muddy football kit, bikes, golf trolleys, pets or gardening supplies it can end up looking messy and uncared for.  You should provide protection for your car boot through a car boot liner.  They fit perfectly into the corners of your boot and are tailored to fit a wide range of makes and models.  They are made of a tough PVC material that can be easily cleaned.  It acts as another layer in your boot to keep it clean and fresh.

Floor mats

Placing mats in the boot will help protect the carpet from dirt being brought in from your goods, and in particular pets.  Adding mats will stop the hard task of removing mud from the material; instead you can simply remove the mat and clean it.  This is a perfect choice for animals that have dirty paws!

Preventing smells

Smells can be one of the hardest problems to remove from the material of your car- especially the smell of wet dog!  Although air fresheners can mask the problem, they can never get rid of the smell.  The odour control pet mat comes with a quilted blanket that contains carbon to absorb and eliminate the odour.