Wirral Angling Centre Exclusive Discount!

We are now offering a discount to all customers of the Wirral Angling Centre, . You just need to ask in store for details on how to claim your discount, so when you go online to purchase your Hatchbag you can benefit from this exclusive offer! With 37 years of experience and the longest established tackle shop in the North West of England,  the Wirral Angling Centre can cater for all your fishing related needs and more!

With a Hatchbag boot liner you will have no more reservations about taking any mucky fishing gear, the dog or anything else for that matter in your spotless boot. Keep your car upholstery safe from wear and tear for years to come with your very own Hatchbag!


To make sure you claim your very own discounted Hatchbag to make to most of this exclusive offer. Happy fishing!


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Essential Equipment for Fishing

Before you head out on your fishing trip, it’s important to ensure you have gathered the right equipment.    Though a great deal of fishing tools are tailored to certain styles of fishing, there is still a list of key items any keen fisherman would do well to heed.  Discover our essential equipment for fishing:

Essential Equipment for Fishing


Usually made from fibreglass or carbon fibre for increased pliability, modern fishing rods are categorised on a range of characteristics. Their responsiveness to touch, how well they bend and their core strength are all factors in choosing the right rod, given fishing conditions and personal preferences.


Whether it's pulling in a fish or preparing for another cast, the reel allows for smooth and rapid movement of the line along the length of the rod. High-end reels incorporate a ‘V’ spool for an even line-lay and drag systems to avoid over-spooling and being overpowered.

Line and Poles

These tools are the fisherman’s connection with his quarry. They are seen very much as workmanlike items compared to shiny reels and lures, but it is crucial to get them right. Lines come in different materials, such as braid and mono filament, and are classed according to variables such as strength, elasticity and visibility.


Upon biting the bait at the end of the line, a fish becomes hooked through their upper lip. Shape, size and materials are variables that can be customised, depending on the type of fish intended for the hook.

Head Torch

The advantage of a head-mounted torch is that fishing is possible in poorer light without occupying one of your hands. And passers-by, such as cyclists and motorists, are alerted to your presence.

Boot Liner

When transporting a large amount of equipment that is likely to get dirty as well as wet, a good boot liner is key. A good-sized sheet of hardy material will ensure a minimum of damage and spillage inside your car’s boot.


The fun of fishing can diminish very quickly if adverse weather sets in. Waterproof jackets and trousers at least keep the rain off, and layers will provide your body with good insulation.