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6 Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

If you’re a regular visitor of our blog, you’ll know we’re somewhat enthusiasts when it comes to our four-legged friends. After all, like Frederick the Great of Prussia once said, “a dog is a man’s best friend”.

But, did you know just how much a dog can benefit from activities carried out with us humans?

There are many activities that can help a dog. For example, dogs that regularly exercise are less likely to become bored. Dogs that suffer from boredom are more inclined to carry out destructive behaviour in the home or worse still, suffer from mental issues.

At Hatchbag HQ, we’ve shortlisted 6 great activities you can enjoy with your pet pooch.

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Dog parks  

Parks that allow dogs to roam free are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities or built up areas. For the most part, parks are securely fenced, have safety signs posted with park rules and require you to pick up after your dog if it makes a mess, so be sure to carry doggie bags with you.

Dogs that are sociable enjoy meeting other dogs, and you might even make some new friends too? 

Doggy Day Care

If you work long hours or if you have just one dog that often spends long periods of time on his/her own, it might be worth looking into a doggy day care service.

Doggy day care can best be explained as a short-term boarding service for dogs. Usually, dogs will stay for the day, and the whole experience differs from kennels and boarding facilities. The whole day is centred around play, activities and exercise, keeping the dogs entertained rather than simply providing accommodation.


Playing fetch is a win-win for your dog. After all, dogs love both playing and pleasing their humans, and playing fetch involve both of these things.

Some dogs instinctively understand how to play the game, realising the need to retrieve the ball in order to run again, however, some don’t. So, you might need to do a little training with your pooch.

Here’s a great blog post that can help you train your dog to be a fetching pro.a dog sitting on the beach


From moorland to canal towpaths, coastal walks to mountain peaks, the UK boasts a variety of stunning walks to enjoy with your four-legged friend. Better still, if you come across a National Park, you’ll more than likely come across rare wildlife too.

Check out the National Parks website to find a great route near you.


Gone are the days when you’d need to banish your beloved pooch to the kennels when you go on holiday. These days, dog-friendly hotels are aplenty, with some even offering pet services such as walking & playtime, just for dogs.

Go for a drive

For some dogs, a car ride can be the highlight of their week, however, not all dogs love the car. For some dogs, a car ride is one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences that leaves them shivering and tense.

If your dog does love the car, then be mindful that they might appreciate the ride if you’re just planning on going for a short drive.

Note: Please don’t ever leave your dog in the car alone and make sure you bring water, food and their lead just in case you do end up needing to stop anywhere.

Whatever activity you end up doing with your doggies, we would LOVE to see. Send us a snap or tag us in your picture by finding us on @HatchbagCompany on Twitter, @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram and The Hatchbag Company.

How to get crafty with the kids when you don't 'do' crafty

Not all of us are gifted when it comes to art and creativity. By this, we mean being able to draw, improvise with art materials, use a needle and thread or create games for the children to play. However, if you do have the desire to get artsy with the kids but are unsure of how to do it without making a mess, here are some tips to make it a little less daunting.

1. Limit the number of art supplies

Think outside the box when it comes to supplying art materials for your little ones.

You don’t need to go out and spend the earth buying the entirety of Hobbycraft to have a great arts area. Paint, paintbrushes, a waterproof apron and a pair of child-friendly scissors will do the trick just fine.

Make a mental note to save leftovers such as newspapers, cereal boxes, even the remnants of dried pasta to add to the art supplies box.

If your child’s interest in art increases, you can always add to the supplies.

2. Protect the craft area

If you’re using materials such as paint and glue, it’s definitely worth dressing your kids in aprons and covering the surface where they’re working. You can use anything from a large piece of paper or a plastic, waterproof tablecloth.

Protecting the area and your kids from nasty stains will also reduce the time it takes to clean up. 

3. Embrace the hot glue gun

There may be times when you’re working on an art piece that requires more stick than the standard Pritt Stick can provide.

If your kids are old enough to handle a hot-glue gun then this is fine. However, if your kids are young, they’ll need your help.

4. Start small

Creating crafty pieces with your kids doesn’t have to take all day. Start small and try to aim for a 20 to 30-minute session, including setting up and cleaning the craft area.

Keep it simple, have fun and remember, stay small.

5. Process the finished ‘masterpiece’

No one is expecting your finished art piece to win the next school award.

If you’re not going to be selling your masterpiece on Etsy, then don’t worry if your end piece doesn’t look perfect. It’s all about the process you’ve taken. You’ve stimulated the kids’ minds, you’ve spent fabulous quality time together and you’re enhancing your creativity.

What more could you want?

We’d love to see what art creations you and the family come up with. Why not send your snaps in by posting to our Instagram @thehatchbagcompany or tweeting us to @HatchbagCompany.

5 outdoor activities that will inspire a fitter & happier you in 2017

The UK is home to beautiful scenery. So, with some of the best activities and adventures at your fingertips, it’s time to pack your Hatchbag boot-liner and embrace the great outdoors this 2017.


pexels-photo-97804 (1)

There are some things in life you have to try at least once and Zorbing is definitely one of those things.

If you’re not familiar with Zorbing, it’s basically where you’re strapped inside a giant inflatable ball with an equally unhinged partner. You’re then let loose down a hill and the ball will naturally roll and bounce at speeds of up to 30mph. You’ll be laughing and shouting with excitement all the way to the bottom!

There are numerous companies up and down the country such as Go Zorbing which have a great reputation.

Bungee jumping

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled activity that is sure to leave you feeling hyped up for the rest of the week, it’s time you gave bungee jumping a try.

There’s not much else that will excite you more than a bungee jump from 160ft. If you’re feeling really adventurous then you could even try the highest bungee jump in the UK at 300ft. Surely that’s the ultimate experience for a thrill seeker?

With tandem or solo bungees available at numerous locations across the UK, start your bungee experience here.


Climbing outdoors can be one of the most exhilarating and satisfying forms of exercise, merging the gymnastics of indoor climbing with the wild and beautiful elements of the outdoors.

Climbing has numerous facets such as bouldering, sport climbing and traditional climbing to name a few. With so many styles to choose from, it’s not hard to see why so many people fall in love with the sport every year.

You can start your climbing journey by joining a local climbing club or taking a course.


Walk the Offa’s Dyke

Following the English & Welsh border for over 177 miles alongside the 8th Century Offa’s Dyke trail, this stunning national trail takes you through changing landscapes, picturesque scenery and remote woodlands, allowing you to catch a view of Britain’s finest wildlife.

Walkers usually split this 177 -mile route up, with the three most popular sections being:

The Wye Valley

16 miles

Pandy to Hay-on-Wye

18 miles

Llangollen to Prestatyn

34 miles


Whether you want to get fit, start racing or you’d just like to feel the benefits of getting from A – B powered by your own steam, cycling is the sport to try.

Whether you’re cycling solo, with friends or with the family, there are so many reasons to love being on two wheels.

Of course, the first step to take is getting hold of a bike. Once you have one, you can hit the open road with your helmet and Hi-Viz whenever you like.

For top tips, check out the Go Sky Ride website.


Whatever outdoor activity you decide to try next year, make sure you pack up your Hatchbag boot-liner to avoid any nasty spills or rips in your car boot.

Also, let us know what you guys get up to by sending some snaps into our social. Check out @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram or @HatchbagCompany on Twitter.