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6 Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

If you’re a regular visitor of our blog, you’ll know we’re somewhat enthusiasts when it comes to our four-legged friends. After all, like Frederick the Great of Prussia once said, “a dog is a man’s best friend”.

But, did you know just how much a dog can benefit from activities carried out with us humans?

There are many activities that can help a dog. For example, dogs that regularly exercise are less likely to become bored. Dogs that suffer from boredom are more inclined to carry out destructive behaviour in the home or worse still, suffer from mental issues.

At Hatchbag HQ, we’ve shortlisted 6 great activities you can enjoy with your pet pooch.

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Dog parks  

Parks that allow dogs to roam free are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities or built up areas. For the most part, parks are securely fenced, have safety signs posted with park rules and require you to pick up after your dog if it makes a mess, so be sure to carry doggie bags with you.

Dogs that are sociable enjoy meeting other dogs, and you might even make some new friends too? 

Doggy Day Care

If you work long hours or if you have just one dog that often spends long periods of time on his/her own, it might be worth looking into a doggy day care service.

Doggy day care can best be explained as a short-term boarding service for dogs. Usually, dogs will stay for the day, and the whole experience differs from kennels and boarding facilities. The whole day is centred around play, activities and exercise, keeping the dogs entertained rather than simply providing accommodation.


Playing fetch is a win-win for your dog. After all, dogs love both playing and pleasing their humans, and playing fetch involve both of these things.

Some dogs instinctively understand how to play the game, realising the need to retrieve the ball in order to run again, however, some don’t. So, you might need to do a little training with your pooch.

Here’s a great blog post that can help you train your dog to be a fetching pro.a dog sitting on the beach


From moorland to canal towpaths, coastal walks to mountain peaks, the UK boasts a variety of stunning walks to enjoy with your four-legged friend. Better still, if you come across a National Park, you’ll more than likely come across rare wildlife too.

Check out the National Parks website to find a great route near you.


Gone are the days when you’d need to banish your beloved pooch to the kennels when you go on holiday. These days, dog-friendly hotels are aplenty, with some even offering pet services such as walking & playtime, just for dogs.

Go for a drive

For some dogs, a car ride can be the highlight of their week, however, not all dogs love the car. For some dogs, a car ride is one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences that leaves them shivering and tense.

If your dog does love the car, then be mindful that they might appreciate the ride if you’re just planning on going for a short drive.

Note: Please don’t ever leave your dog in the car alone and make sure you bring water, food and their lead just in case you do end up needing to stop anywhere.

Whatever activity you end up doing with your doggies, we would LOVE to see. Send us a snap or tag us in your picture by finding us on @HatchbagCompany on Twitter, @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram and The Hatchbag Company.

3 reasons why you should treat your pooch to a boot-liner this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of you will be thinking ‘what to buy’ the beloved pet pooch in your life? With countless ‘heart shaped gifts’ available, have you thought about the benefits a boot-liner has not only to your four-legged friend, but also to you as a car owner? We’ve shortlisted our favourite reasons why your doggie needs a Hatchbag item this Valentine’s Day.

Your dog can’t be blamed for muddy stains

The Hatchbag Company creates boot-liners specially designed to fit more than 521 cars, acting like a second skin within your boot so that no dirt, grit or fur can sneak through any gaps.

This is perfect for those post- walk scenarios where your dog is covered head to tail in mud. Simply pop him/her in the boot where your trusty boot-liner is fitted, and wait until you get home to give them a wash. The best part? You won’t find a spec of mud in your boot, all thanks to your boot-liner.

Dog comfort in the car

A car boot-liner not only provides aesthetic value to your car, it can also help to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable while they travel. With a secure fit, the liner will hold in place while the car is in motion and your dog is sat in the back. Why not upgrade your boot-liner by adding on one of our Hatchbed mats, recommended by vets and pet care professionals alike, to provide your four-legged friend with extra comfort during their car trips.

A HatchBed mat is designed and tailored to fit inside a Hatchbag Boot-liner. It has a unique non-slip ribbed rubber backing to fit comfortably and securely in your boot.

dog in a boot with a liner

No doggy smells

We offer tailor-made odour mats to fit on top of your boot-liner, or, if you want an odour mat to use in a dog bed or on the car seat , then why not opt for one of our pet odour mats which come in three standard sizes. Not only to they provide comfort to your furry friend due to their quilted material, but, they also trap unwanted odours both around the house and in the car.

Whatever you end up doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we would love to see pictures, especially if they include your pet pooches. Send us your snaps to @HatchbagCompany for Twitter, @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram & The Hatchbag Company for Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

5 reasons why we love dogs

If you know the team at Hatchbag, you’ll know we’re crazy about dogs. With a plethora of films, books and websites now devoted to all things canine, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best things about our four-legged friends.

weimaraner-puppy-dog-snout-97082 (2)

1) Endless love

If you own a dog, you’ll know the excitement and love you feel when you’re reunited with your pet. Whether it’s walking through the door after a long day at work or when a loved one brings the dog home after a long walk. They’ll dance at the door and become deliriously ecstatic to see you.

2) They’re the perfect exercise partner

Living in a world where we’re often strapped for time, it’s easy to fall into the couch potato mentality when we get home from work. One look at your dog’s little face, however, will have you reaching for the lead and marching out the door, trainers on feet ready to burn some calories.

What’s more, dogs need at least a half a half-hour walk most days, which is great for both us and them.

3) Dogs are the cheapest shrinks around

When you need a shoulder to cry on or a friendly face to offload to, you know you can always turn to your four-legged companion.

With most dogs loving nothing more than a good cuddle, you’ll feel instantly uplifted as they rest their head in your lap, reminding you that their love is endless.

4) A dog is a (Wo)Man’s best friend

No matter whether your dog is at puppy stage or within the regality of its later years, a dog will ALWAYS be there to supply you with love, support, happiness and gratitude – all the qualities we look for in a best friend.

5) Protection

A dog will always look to protect his/her owner & loved ones. It’s within a dog’s DNA to protect their territory, and from puppyhood, you can see a dogs desire to watch and be aware of anything coming into sight that might harm either them or their owners.

Just talking about dogs makes us excited to see ours. So, if you, like us, are planning to take the dogs out soon, be sure to pack your Hatchbag boot-liner to ensure that no unwanted stains or marks land in the boot of your car.

Also, if you do get out walking, let us know what you guys get up to by sending some snaps in. Check out @thehatchbagcompany on Instagram or @HatchbagCompany on Twitter.