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With popular models including the Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Insignia, drivers should understand how to offer complete protection to their Vauxhall's interiors and cargo area. Consider tailored car mats and various car accessories to keep the inside of your Vauxhall clean and completely protected from scratches, scuffs and bad odours. Whether you are travelling with a muddy dog or large items such as sporting equipment or a pram, a custom boot liner is ideal and our Vauxhall boot liners are availability in a wide range of high-quality options.

At The Hatchbag Company, each of our custom car mats and liners are tailored specifically to your exact Vauxhall model's boot area. Made of a high-quality material, the Hatchbag boot liner is waterproof and non-absorbent, meaning any moisture from wet equipment or dogs can simply be wiped away with ease.

Our handmade and high-quality tailored boot liners have the advantage of being:

  • Made of reinforced PVC

  • Durable and hardwearing

  • Easy to wipe down

  • Available with a range of optional extras

With a Vauxhall boot liner, a perfect fit to the boot area is guaranteed. Our boot liners are tailor-made to fit your exact vehicle model. Also, drivers can choose to complement them with a range of optional car accessories. These extras include three different types of Hatchbag car mats:

  • The Vet Bed Tailored Mats, which are perfect for pets

  • The Odour Control Pet Mat, a quilted blanket containing activated carbon that absorbs pet odours

  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats, designed to protect against extra heavy use such as stowing bikes and tools

Find out more about the car accessories available for your Vauxhall boot liner here.

Compared to boot liner alternatives, the Hatchbag liner is made from reinforced PVC, which is durable and robust, and is easy to maintain. The superior quality materials that we use for our British-made boot liners enable them to last much longer than lesser options.

With a team of experienced experts, we design boot liners that offer a lot of flexibility to your Vauxhall vehicle. Our boot liners allow you to fully utilise your boot without worrying about it getting dirty. Our products here at The Hatchbag Company are designed to give you peace of mind as you use them, specifically designed to meet the exact model and year of your Vauxhall.

If you are still unsure, use our interactive tool to find our what year your car is here.

Clients who are already satisfied with what they see and wish to make their purchase can go ahead and select the boot liner of their Vauxhall model from the options on this page. Remember to consider a colour that harmoniously blends with the design tastes of your Vauxhall from our stylish colour options. Once you have chosen, follow the simple checkout steps to place your order, and you'll soon have a custom Vauxhall boot liner.

You can seek any advice you need from our experts and ask any questions about our custom boot liners and other accessories that we provide.

Contact the Hatchbag team today for more information on our tailored boot liners.