Alfa Romeo boot liner information


If you've been trying to work out which type of boot liner would be perfect for your Alfa Romeo, you've come to the right place. Easy to install and made from durable materials, a custom-made premium boot liner will protect your car’s loading area from damage caused by transporting cargo, muddy pets, spills and dirty bikes or tools.

Our detailed guide will let you know all about the wide range of products, designs and materials you can use to line your boot, including advice to help you work out which design works best for you. Read on to find out more and discover your perfect car boot liner.

In this guide:

Comparing manufacturer-made boot protection and custom-made liners







Tend to be made from standard materials, such as carpet and rubber.

Usually designed to only protect the floor of the boot (as with the Stelvio boot liner), and not the other surfaces that you might need to protect such as walls.

Can effectively protect the floor of your boot, but can expose your vehicle walls and back seats to damage.

You can often find a manufacturer-made boot mat for as little as £50 for MiTo and Giulietta models.


Designed to be durable and long-lasting, with materials including PVC put to good use.

Every custom-made boot liner is designed to fit your vehicle exactly, meaning you'll have a perfect fit and good protection for every surface you want to be covered.

Your car can stay protected from spills, debris and dog hairs beyond your boot floor area, with your rear seats being well-protected.

You can expect to pay around £100 for a custom-made boot liner with a perfect fit to protect your boot floor and boot area from damage and stains.

*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

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Manufacturer-made boot protection

Alfa Romeo's own boot liner designs are more generic and designed to fit an entire model, but they'll get the basic task of protecting your boot floor from the elements done. Their selection of ‘Semi Rigid’ boot products, for example, are trays that fit to specific models and are intended to contain cargo, luggage and small spills. For their Stelvio models, they also produce trays with or without a subwoofer, which are waterproof and feature a slightly raised edge.



Often produced by the car manufacturer with that specific model in mind.

Boot liners are often an afterthought, and as such will be extremely simple in design.

Often branded with the company logo and/or the naming of the specific model.

Low-quality materials are often used, putting your boot at long-term risk.

Liner and car are likely designed around each other.

It can be hard to find replacements, as registered dealerships are often the only place to stock manufacturer boot liners.


You won't be able to customise your boot liner to your needs, making your car less protected.

Custom-made boot liners

Our available Alfa Romeo boot liners are compatible with three popular models (see more in the next section below) and are available as Standard, Rear Plus and Rear Plus with Seat Split. Where manufacturer-made boot liners come as a one-size-fits-all product for each car model, we offer a great range of stunning boot liners that suit your very specific needs in a range of colours.

Protecting your boot is important. With the right boot liner, you can keep your car looking, feeling and smelling great for years to come. For the best custom boot liners available, get in touch with the Hatchbag team and find out what we can do for your specific model of car. We get where the generic manufacturer made liners won't. Not only will your boot be well protected, but it can look stunning at the same time.



Your boot liner will be contoured to your boot and rear seats, meaning that you can have as much protective coverage as you could wish for.

You might expect to pay more for a custom-made boot liner due to the higher quality materials being used, and the time spent to design the liner specifically for you.

Hatchbag makes custom boot liners to last, using durable and sturdy materials to ensure that the boot lining won't suffer from standard wear and tear over a long period of time.

It may take a little longer to get a custom-liner, as it needs making specifically for you rather than being an off-the-shelf option.

Fitting a custom liner is simple, as it has been specifically designed to fit into your car. The size and shape are a perfect fit and will get to work protecting your Alfa Romeo right away.


You can get additional add-on accessories, helping you to further protect your car from the day to day damage you might face without being protected.


Alfa Romeo boot liner information