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What should you know about BMW boot liners? | A complete guide to custom boot liners and accessories for BMW vehicles.


BMW has remained a popular car manufacturer in the UK for many years, achieving its highest annual sales figures back in 2021. With a variety of luxurious models available, it’s no wonder that BMW boot liners have become increasingly popular to ensure the vehicle remains in showroom condition. BMW drivers should not be fearful of travelling with their pets or large items such as prams, as boot liners are ideal for any hectic lifestyles.

In this guide, we will explore the different BMW boot liners available, and the benefits of choosing a custom boot liner.

Discover the various BMW models, how you can identify these vehicles, and the boot liners available.

Find out the differences between Hatchbag boot liners and alternative products.

Browse through our range of car boot liner accessories, which will benefit your BMW.

Discover the benefits of a custom boot liner for your BMW.

Read the most common queries on BMW boot liners.

What are the different models for BMW boot liners?

Our extensive selection of boot liners and accessories are made to fit all popular BMW models, such as the BMW X3 and the BMW X5. As each BMW model differs in small ways, these custom boot liners are tailored to each specific vehicle.

Browse our table below to find your BMW model and year, and the boot liner available:

If you are unsure of what year your car is, use our interactive tool here.

Depending on your vehicle, there may be a different way of fitting your custom boot liner. Read our general boot liner fitting instructions for more information.

Comparing Hatchbag BMW boot liners to alternatives

A luxurious car, like a BMW, should not have to diminish in quality due to the need to travel. You shouldn’t be scared of driving with large cargo, such as bikes, camping gear, and prams, or muddy pets. Adding a custom boot liner is an ideal for protecting your BMW boot and interiors. But, with so many products out there, it can be hard to know which is the best for your vehicle.

Although other companies, such as Boot Buddy and Rhino UK, provide car boot liners, these differ in shape and may not completely fit your exact BMW make and model.

Here at The Hatchbag Company, you’ll find more variety and quality in our boot liners than any other alternative. Our boot liner is composed of soft, reinforced PVC. It is a non-absorbent, waterproof material that works well for wet fishing gear, water sports equipment, and similar equipment. Any moisture will simply wipe off as it settles on the surface.

It’s also far less likely to absorb odours compared with fabric materials, which competing brands provide. With Hatchbag boot liners, your BMW will be safe from any wet dog smells.

Find out more about comparing Hatchbag to boot liner alternatives with our expert guide here.

What are the best boot liner accessories for your BMW?

The top of your seats, the tailgate and the regions surrounding the BMW boot are all further protected by boot liner accessories. This makes it the best option for drivers who frequently move big or dirty cargo, as well as dog owners, helping ensure that the bulk of your car is completely covered.

The attachments for the bumper flap, seat flap, and boot liner extension must be firmly stitched into the boot liner, so you should order these simultaneously with the boot liner.

For BMW vehicles, consider the following car accessories to complement the boot liner:

  • Hatchbed Mat – these mats are specifically designed for your dogs, providing extra comfort and support. Our Hatchbed Mats are recommended by vets and pet care professionals.

  • Odour Mat – prevent any smells from your dog from building in your BMW. Our odour mats are tailored to fit each specific model, and are available in three standard sizes.

  • Rubber Mat – designed to add extra protection for heavier loads, such as bikes and prams.

Find out more about the best car boot liner accessories here.

To further protect your BMW, add car accessories, such as a rear seat flap and rubber mat, when shopping for a Hatchbag boot liner. Simply, click on the boot liner for your make and model and look at the optional extras available.

Browse through our entire range of custom boot liners and accessories here.

Why should you use a Hatchbag boot liner for your BMW?

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Frequently asked questions

How should you clean your BMW boot liner?

To minimise any dirt, mess and bad odours, cleaning your car boot regularly is recommended, especially if you are carrying large or wet items. Boot liners are ideal solutions to protect your car boot from these damages; however, over time, this car accessory will also require maintenance over time.

It is easy to clean your BMW boot liner. Use lint-free cloths to clean and dry your boot liner. For more difficult stains, use a standard kitchen cleaning spray.

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