Dacia boot liner information


As a Dacia car owner, you will most likely enjoy the versatility and load-bearing capacity your vehicle provides. You might be a regular camper or dog owner and require a lot of boot space for carrying equipment or walking gear, and a model like the Dacia Sandero Stepway will be perfect for your lifestyle.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that you kit your car out with a high-quality boot liner that makes the most of your space while also protecting your car and its contents from spills, dirt and heavy wear and tear caused by travelling, pets, tools and other daily influences.

You will soon discover that there are plenty of boot liner options available for your particular Dacia model. The most important things to consider are value for money, durability and practicality. You may be tempted to purchase some boot protection from the manufacturer, but these won’t cover the whole boot space and will therefore leave your boot walls and the back of your rear seats exposed to damage.

This article will guide you through key differences between manufacturer-made boot accessories and high-quality, custom-made liners from Hatchbag. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Trays are made from a semi-rigid material and mats are typically carpet

Usually a standard design and fitting, not for specific models

Intended to cover the boot floor only from small spills and dirt, leaving boot walls and rear seats exposed

From £28.50


High-quality, waterproof reinforced PVC. Tough, durable and wipe-clean

Perfect fit for the shape and contour of your particular model

Protects the whole boot including the walls and back of rear seats from large spillages and extensive damage

From £100+

*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Dacia has a range of boot accessories, including storage nets and organisers for keeping cargo in place while driving. They also have a selection of mats and trays for transporting items and protecting your boot from minor spillages and dirt.

Boot mats

Dacia boot mats are made from carpet and designed to fit the floor of the boot only. They have a waterproof texture and non-slip underlay. While the range of mats look similar, they are designed for specific models and are branded with the model name. So although they fit to the boot contour of particular Dacia car models, they are only mats and do not provide protection to the walls or back of the rear seats.



Branded with model name

Only protect the boot floor

New Duster mat relatively inexpensive (around £28.50 plus postage and packaging)

Custom-fit mats are quite expensive for a mat (around £95 plus postage and packaging for Sandero models)


Doesn’t protect boot walls and rear seats from large spills and damage


Not available for Logan models

Boot liners

The Dacia boot liner is really a semi-rigid tray with raised edges. While this provides more protection than the carpet mat, it still leaves the boot walls and rear seats exposed to dirt, spills and damage from cargo while driving.



Raised edges to protect from small spills and keep items in place during transport

Doesn’t protect boot walls and rear seats from large spills and damage

Branded with model name

Only available for new Sandero and Sandero Stepway models

Waterproof and easy to clean

Little or no comfort for pets

Custom-made boot liner designs

What you will immediately notice with a custom-made boot liner is that a lot of creative thought has gone into producing a solution that solves all your problems when transporting heavy cargo, muddy pets or bikes, and other items like tools. A custom boot liner from Hatchbag will fit absolutely flush to your boot walls and the back of your rear seats, affording your Dacia the maximum protection.

Unlike boot mats and trays with slightly raised edges, our boot liners guarantee lasting protection from dirt, scratches, large spillages and damp that can cause odour. Our range includes a number of Dacia models and years, and are compatible with accessories including odour-control mats to fend off pet smells. When choosing the perfect boot liner for you, you can upgrade to a Rear Plus for when you need to fold your rear seats for extra load space, or a Rear Plus with Seat Split if you want to fold your seats individually or together.



Tailor-made for your specific model and year, contoured to the boot and rear seats

May have a higher initial cost compared to manufacturer-made, but is designed to last much longer so will prove a worthy investment in the long-run

Your choice of colour to suit your personal tastes


Designed in the UK and made from high-quality reinforced PVC




Range of compatible accessories available


Quick and easy installation


Flush fit and stays secure during transit


Simple, wipe-clean surface


Dacia boot liner information

View our full range of Dacia boot liners here. Hatchbag custom-made boot liners are designed for durability and practicality, with quality and strength guaranteed.