Why choose the Hatchbag boot liner?


The Hatchbag boot liner contains dozens of unique features that separate it from standard boot liners. In this guide you will find information on quality, benefits and the manufacturing process.

In this guide:

About the Hatchbag boot liner

The Hatchbag boot liner offers many unique qualities


Our boot liner is made of reinforced, soft PVC. It’s a waterproof, non-absorbent material suitable for muddy, wet dogs; wet fishing gear; watersports equipment and the like. Any moisture will sit on the surface and can be easily wiped away.

It’s also far less likely to absorb odours compared with fabric materials, meaning a wet dog smell will be a thing of the past!

Please note, the liner is not suitable to be hosed down when cleaning and will be at risk of leaking when exposed to excessive amounts of water.



The material is flexible, so it can follow every recess and curve of the boot shape, you therefore do not lose any boot space, and it also feels soft to the touch and offers support, making it comfortable for dogs to sit on.


The plastic material repels dirt and debris from seeping into it meaning it’s easy to clean. The material is wipe-clean and won’t absorb stains or liquid of any kind. You don’t need to remove the liner to wash it and it doesn’t need to go in the washing machine, it can wiped clean with a damp cloth in situ.

To find out more about boot liner maintenance and how to keep your boot clean, visit our guide:

How to clean and maintain your car boot liner


The snug fit is one of the main benefits of our product. We scan the boot of each model we create a liner for to make sure it will fit every recess and contour precisely. This makes it easy to install, offers better protection and keeps the maximum boot space available. Scroll down to learn more about our scanning technology.

Available colours:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Pink

Customisation options>

The >Hatchbag liner comes with a variety of customisation options, ensuring you can purchase the right solution for you.

Customisation options:

  • Rear Plus
  • Rear Split
  • Bumper flap
  • Rear-seat flap
  • Boot liner extension
  • Tailgate cover

Rear Plus

Rear Plus

Our Rear Plus option allows you to fold back all of your second-row seats whilst still protecting the back of them. This way you can accommodate longer loads without putting the back of your seats at risk.

Rear Split

If you want to fold down individual seats then our Rear Split option will suit you. It allows you to fold one seat, two seats or three seats at a time depending on your preferences. It's available in a range of seat split ratios, depending on how your seats fold down.

Bumper flap

The bumper flap is designed to offer protection to your bumper when your dog jumps in or out of your car or when moving large loads into your boot.

Rear-seat flap

The rear-seat flap folds over the top of your seat protecting the top and headrests of the rear seats.

Boot liner extension

The boot liner extension offers extended cover when the seats are folded flat. The boot liner extension ensures the whole area up to the back of the front seats is protected. This is perfect when moving large or heavy objects.

Tailgate cover

If you have a large load that may scratch up against the back then a tailgate cover may prove useful. Tailgate covers are used on the back door of your car. Tailgate covers are custom built to fit each specific model and boot door shape.


Whilst the Hatchbag boot liner is suitable for almost any situation, certain accessories are available to help enhance performance.

These accessories come in the form of three mats:

  • Odour mat
  • Rubber mat
  • Hatchbed mat

Odour mat

The odour mat is designed to prevent smells from building up in your car. The odour mat contains an active charcoal ingredient which absorbs smells to reduce any foul odours.

Each odour car mat is tailored to fit your specific car boot floor shape.

The odour mat is made with quilted material which offers added comfort, perfect for any smelly dogs!

Rubber mat

The rubber boot mat is designed to help protect your boot from heavier loads. The rubber mat also reduces slippage during transport by utilising a stud design. This stud design also ensures heavy objects can be easily loaded by allowing them to move across the mat without snagging.

Hatchbed mat

The hatchbed mat has been designed with dogs in mind. The hatchbed mat comes with a soft pile that provides comfort for your dog. It also utilises a unique non-slip ribbed rubber backing that ensures the mat remains secure when loading or unloading your pet.

The Hatchbed mat is highly recommended by vets and pet care professionals to offer your dog the most comfortable ride in the back of your vehicle.

To find out more about boot liner accessories by visiting our guide:

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Estimated lifespan:

Seven years to the life of your car

We say your boot liner will last seven years as a conservative estimate. However, customers regularly tell us that their Hatchbag liner lasts for as long as they have the car, only coming back to purchase another liner when they change vehicle. To read what our customers think, visit our review page. With proper care there’s no reason your liner can’t last a very long time.


The Hatchbag boot liner is incredibly durable and hardwearing. It can withstand many different weights and sizes. The boot liner is designed for frequent use and can be used for a variety of situations and hobbies.


The Hatchbag boot liner is made from waterproof and non-absorbent PVC material. The non-absorbent material ensures that water won't seep into the boot liner which can cause damp and bad odours.

If water is splashed onto the Hatchbag boot liner it will simply sit on top for easy wiping, although it is not watertight (it cannot be hosed down)


The Hatchbag Company offers a one-year warranty on boot liners


£96.47+ for a standard Hatchbag boot liner.

Delivery charge:

  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • For details of delivery to other areas of the UK and international delivery click here

Suitable for:

  • Dogs
  • Fishing equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Gardening equipment
  • Muddy boots
  • Pushchairs and prams
  • Rubbish and waste for runs to the tip
  • Luggage for family trips
  • Any other heavy or messy loads

Our liner is perfect for an active family, dog owners or those with outdoor lifestyles.

You can find out more about boot liners for your pets by visiting our guide:

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The benefits of a Hatchbag boot liner

We have meticulously developed the design of our boot liners over a decade to offer your boot the best protection available. We pay genuine attention to how we design and manufacture our product, which is why our design team has tripled in size over the past few years.

The main benefits of the Hatchbag boot liner are:

  • Maximum protection against all the dirt, debris and moisture that car boots encounter from all sorts of everyday lifestyles.
  • Giving you as much boot space as possible. A liner shouldn’t reduce the amount of stuff you can transport.
  • Ease of fitting. It shouldn’t take an engineering degree to fit a boot liner! We’ve struck the right balance between a design that ensures proper protection and one that’s convenient to fit. It should take under 10 minutes to get it in place.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning. You won’t need to constantly remove and put back your liner to clean it, although since it’s easy to get out, you can do this if you want to!

Our unique scanning technology

At the heart of our quality design is our unique use of scanning technology. Every boot liner starts with the scanning process. We carefully scan each model of car boot, precisely following the lines and curves to capture its exact contours and account for every recess. The snug fit provides full protection of every nook and cranny and ensures the liner moulds to your boot like a second skin. This makes the most of your boot space whilst protecting the boot’s vulnerable felt base and standard plastic surface.

Constantly striving to improve, we have recently undergone the latest training to ensure we produce state-of-the-art scanning templates from which we can develop our designs.

Made to order

The time from order to delivery is six to eight days. This is because we make every boot liner to order, so customers can create a unique combination of liner and extra for their boot, and also to ensure absolute quality, rather than letting the liners sit in a stockroom. We don’t import anything—we design and manufacture all our products here in the UK with the utmost attention to detail.

Fitting the Hatchbag boot liner

Fitting the Hatchbag boot liner varies depending on the type of vehicle you own. This section will just give a general guide on how to fit a standard hook and loop boot liner. Always follow the instructions included with your boot liner.

There are usually three areas to focus on when fitting your boot liner:

  • Base
  • Front
  • Sides & back


Hook fastener welded onto the boot liner


(note this is for the standard boot liner. Other boot liners may vary.)

  • Loop the hook and loop fastener straps around both headrest posts of the middle headrest.
  • Make sure to hold the front part of the base in position as not to pull the boot liner too far up.
  • Repeat the procedure with the left and right headrests.

Sides & back

  • Position the side panels into place.
  • Attach the hook fastener that is welded/ sewn on the reverse face of the panel directly to the carpet.

For full instruction on how to fit your boot liner, visit our guide:

How to fit and remove your boot liner

Hatchbag for car brands

We have a large selection of manufacturers available consisting of:

And many more.

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