Our guides are designed to help you choose the right car boot liner. We explore different types of boot liner on the market, compare our product to different brands, offer tips on fitting and cleaning and run through some of the best boots for different needs.

Everything you need to know about different types of car boot liners

The Hatchbag boot liner

A guide to car boot liner accessories and add-ons

How to clean and maintain your car boot liner

boot buddy

Hatchbag vs. Boot Buddy: which one is right for you?

rhino uk

Hatchbag vs. Rhino UK: which is the best boot liner for you?

Dog sat in a boot liner

Comparing the Hatchbag boot liner to the alternatives

Three dogs laid in a boot liner

Boot liners for dogs

Open boot with boot liner

How to fit and remove your boot liner

person pushing a pram

Best car boots for prams

Golf clubs

The best cars for golfers: Small, hatchback, sports, SUV and estates

Row of cars in parking spots

What year is my car?

spaniel laid in a boot liner

How to protect your car boot from damage, smells and dogs