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If you're a Jeep owner, chances are you're used to heading out into rougher terrain. You might take regular walks through the muddy countryside with your canine companion, or enjoy wild camping with a tent and other heavy gear. You may also use your Jeep for transporting cargo like tools and paints, or other things that could transfer dirt or damage the interior of your car boot.

Whether you're into outdoor recreation or extreme DIY, you will more than likely need a liner to protect your boot from muddy paws, dirty equipment or general wear and tear. In this article, we will compare manufacturer-made Jeep boot liners with custom-made liners from Hatchbag so you can see which is the better option for your vehicle. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made to custom-made







Standard materials for mass-produced liners such as carpet or rubber.

The non-specific design protects the floor only, leaving the walls exposed.

Provides protection for the floor against minor spills, pet damage and general dirt.



High-quality, waterproof and durable materials.

Bespoke, made to measure for the precise proportions of your vehicle.

Hard-wearing protection against major spills, including protection for rear seats and walls.


*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

The manufacturer-made boot protection options are standard protective mats and cargo trays for the boot of your Jeep. Mats are made from carpet materials whereas trays/liners are typically a semi-rigid rubber. They are sometimes included with the purchase of your vehicle or may be available separately, and are usually designed for specific models. This means they are moulded to fit the contours of your vehicle’s boot and should not move around while you drive.



Often branded with the Jeep or specific model logo

Very basic design

Sometimes designed for the specific model of the car

Can be difficult to replace as they are commonly available from a dealer only

Easy to install

Generic, standardised products with no customisation options for additional accessories


Only protect the floor of the boot, not the walls and rear seats

Floor mats

There are a few different generic floor mats for Jeep Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Renegade vehicles. These carpeted mats protect the floor of your boot from small liquid spills and offer some protection against pet damage. However, they leave the walls and the rear seats exposed, and the materials used are not built for lasting protection.



Usually tailored for specific Jeep models Won’t contain large spills or extensive dirt and grime
Some available with a protection lip which folds out; helpful for pets climbing in and out of the boot No protection for the walls and backs of seats

Rubber liners/trays

These boot liners are more durable than the mats and offer extra grip to help keep items in place. The rubber is naturally water-resistant and the raised edges contain small liquid spills. Again, these are usually designed for specific models and are easy to install. While they do offer more protection than floor mats, rubber liners/trays are still vulnerable to damage from heavy-duty equipment and will not protect your boot walls or the back of your rear seats.



Water and skid-resistant Boot walls and back of rear seats are left exposed
Contains small spills and protects against damage caused by pets Will not contain large spills


Not available for all Jeep models

Custom-made boot liners

Custom-made liners are individually produced to fit the precise proportions and contours of your boot. They are bespoke designs that provide the perfect protection for your boot floor, walls and the back of your rear seats.

Bespoke boot liners from Hatchbag are developed with the individual needs of Jeep owners in mind. We use high-quality reinforced PVC, meaning our liners will resist extremes of dirt, damage and spillage. Whether it's muddy boots or paws, or things like dirty tools and paints from DIY jobs, your car boot will benefit from a protection that is built to last a lifetime.

We offer a wide range of colours and additional customisation options and our boot liners can be easily removed for a quick clean every now and then. We know the precise measurements of the boots of every Jeep model, so just let us know your exact vehicle and we'll run you through your options. Our Rear Plus option is ideal for when you need to fold your rear seats while still benefitting from the boot liner’s protective skin, and our Rear Plus with Seat Split upgrade is for when you want to fold your seats individually or together for extra load space.



Developed to fit your specific Jeep perfectly with no extra measuring required They may be more expensive than a generic boot liner, but they will last longer and offer a more superior protection
Made from high-quality reinforced PVC  
Tough, waterproof, non-absorbent and wipe-clean for easy maintenance  
Protects the boot's walls and seatbacks, as well as the floor  
Excellent protection against pet damage and built-in odour control  
Diverse customisation options are available for your needs  
Designed in the UK  
Numerous colour options available to choose from  
Built to last a lifetime  

Jeep boot liner information

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