Mitsubishi Car Boot Liner Information


Are you considering which type of boot liner to purchase for your Mitsubishi?

This guide covers the different options available to protect the boot of your car, including advice on how to determine which model boot liner is suitable for your car and fitting information. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Boot protection comparison







Standardised materials (carpet, rubber)

Often just protect the floor

Non-specific design may leave walls exposed

Protects floor from small spills, pet damage and mud/dirt



High-quality and durable materials including PVC

Individually designed to fit your vehicle exactly

Protection from large spills, with added protection for back seats and walls


*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

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Manufacturer-made boot liners

These are standardised, often lower-quality, protective covers and mats for your car boot. They may come with your vehicle or be available to purchase separately. Often produced by your car manufacturer, they may be generic across all models or have model-specific options.



Often produced by the car company for their branded vehicles

Simple design

Often branded with the company logo

Low-average quality materials

May be designed for the specific car model

Difficult to purchase replacements, as they are often just available from a dealer


No customisation options to include protective accessories

Custom-made boot liners

These liners are produced to fit the shape and contour of your car boot perfectly, and are unique to your make and model. At Hatchbag, we produce individual, high-quality custom boot liners.



Contoured to your car boot

May cost more initially

Quality materials, made to last


Fitting is simple


Additional add-on accessories can further protect your car


Manufacturer-made boot protection options

Floor mats

The Mitsubishi floor mat comes in a standardised carpet design and is only compatible with a limited range of Mitsubishi models. These car mats can protect your boot from small liquid spills and are suitable for use by pet owners. However, they offer no protection for the walls of the boot or the back seats.



Thin yet durable material—won’t reduce boot volume

Walls and backs of seats remain vulnerable to damage

Rolled edges prevent leakage into other areas

Only available for Mitsubishi Outlander, Mirage and Shogun models

Boot trays

These hard plastic trays come with either low or high sides to contain taller items in an organised way. Their material and raised edges are suitable for containing spillages and wet items. They are only available to fit Shogun models, and may not be the option to best utilise your boot space.



Raised edges contain liquid spillages and help keep bottles and taller items upright

Some wall protection due to raised edges—but the majority of wall space is still left uncovered

Hard plastic material is easy to clean

Uncomfortable for pets


Bulky design will reduce overall boot space


Hard plastic may split over time


Only available for Mitsubishi Shogun models

Rubber liners

Produced from rubber, these liners are durable and grippy, helping your boot remain organised and keeping smaller items in place. Naturally water-resistant, these liners repel water and the raised edges help to prevent liquid leakage around the sides.



Thin and durable material maximises space

Walls and back of seats left exposed

Naturally water-resistant

Will not contain large spillages

Rolled edges reduce liquid leakage and protect the boot

Only available for Mitsubishi Shogun and Outlander models

Inbuilt grooves help reduce movement of items in the boot


Suitable for pets


Custom-made Mitsubishi boot liners

Custom-fit boot liners from Hatchbag are created to suit your individual needs and are made from top-quality reinforced PVC, ensuring they are resistant to heavy-duty damage and large spills. Ideal for muddy boots and paws, DIY jobs with paint or dirty tools, and transporting camping gear after a weekend away.

Providing expert protection from spills, pet hair, dirt and mud, our Mitsubishi boot liners are handmade in Britain for lasting quality and protection. The liners fit flush to your boot walls and the back of your seats, and fold over the back bumper to ensure your car remains in pristine condition.

Available in a range of colours, our boot liners can be customised to your individual tastes. Our liners are easily removable, but due to their durable and dirt-resistant design, they usually just need a quick wipe-down every so often.

Just select your Mitsubishi model and we will create a fully tailored boot liner that fits perfectly—no need to measure your boot. Our team are always available by phone or email to help you understand your needs, run through customisation options, support with fitting, or to solve any issues that may arise.



Produced to fit your Mitsubishi perfectly—no measuring required on your part

May cost more than a one-size-fits-all liner (but will last longer and fit better)

Protects your boot floor, walls, seat backs and more




Customisation options available for added protection


Handmade in Britain using high-quality materials


Lifespan of at least seven years


One-year warranty


Available in multiple colours to suit your taste


Mitsubishi boot liner options

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