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Whether you've got a Suzuki lease car such as the Suzuki Vitara that you need to keep in top condition, or you just want to ensure your own car is protected, look no further than Hatchbag custom boot liners. Car boots can quickly get messy, particularly when transporting cargo such as DIY tools, muddy boots after long country walks, bikes, dogs, prams and fishing equipment.

You don't want your vehicle to end up damaged or so dirty that you need to hire a professional (and expensive) cleaning service, which is why boot liners can be a real saviour. Boot liners essentially act as a second skin to the boot of your car, protecting it from any dirt and damage that might otherwise occur. They are easy to attach via self-adhesive tabs that leave behind no residue or damage and ensure that the loading space of your vehicle is kept in top condition.

In this guide:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection








Designed by Suzuki and made from standard materials

Designed as a boot tray or car mat and doesn't protect the walls of the boot, only the flooring

Designed to fit specific car model boots

Protects against small spills, mud and dirt, and dog hair

Price upwards of £250 for full load liners


Made from high-quality materials

Designed to a specific shape to protect all areas of your boot space

It will fit your boot space perfectly

Provides all the protection of the above, but also the backs of seats and boot walls

Price upwards of £100

*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

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Suzuki manufacturer boot liner designs

Suzuki manufacturer-made boot liners come in a few variations, the most common being the cargo and luggage trays, and the boot mats. These are the products which are compatible with the most Suzuki models. The boot mats come in rubber or carpet and are usually branded with the name of the particular model they are designed for.

There is also the Suzuki mesh cargo net which is designed to keep things in place in your boot. This is a vertical net that extends the length of your boot and can help keep things such as luggage in place. This doesn't do much to protect your boot from damage caused by spills, mud or dirt. The more robust Suzuki boot liners are only suited to the Jimny and New Jimny models, which have a small boot and so require you to remove your rear seat base in order to use. With these, you often need to use the Suzuki cargo partition grid as well, which is expensive.

Cargo and luggage trays

The Suzuki-manufactured cargo and luggage mats are designed to protect your boot from small spills and are non-slip to stop items moving around when driving in normal conditions.



Branded with the Suzuki logo

Cannot contain larger spills

Non-slip to hold cargo in place

Do not protect back seats or boot walls

Raised edges to contain small spills

Basic embossed design

Full load liners

The full load liner is a durable tray with taller raised edges than the cargo and luggage trays. They are only available for Jimny and New Jimny models. Certain full load liners are compatible with the Jimny cargo partition grid which separates the boot liner from the front seats, but others are not. Suzuki also manufacture full load trays, which are cheaper than the liners and made from rubber, but cannot be installed in combination with the full load liner.



Shatter and water-proof

Only available for Jimny and New Jimny models

Oil and acid-resistant

Requires removal of rear seat base

Branded with Jimny logo

Backs of front seats left exposed, even when used with the cargo partition grid

Come with a non-slip mat

Boot walls left exposed

Flexible trunk liner

The Suzuki flexible trunk liner is made from black vinyl and should be used with the cargo partition grid. It has a very minimalist design and is only available for Jimny and New Jimny models.



Easy to clean

Only available for Jimny and New Jimny models

Covers boot floor and walls up to the back windows

Only covers back of front seats up to the partition grid

Protect from mud and dirt

Requires rear seats to be folded/removed and partition grid to be installed


Very basic design

Custom-made boot liner designs

Hatchbag works to create tailor-made boot liners for Suzuki that are designed for maximum practicality and style. All of Hatchbag’s boot liners are designed to perfectly fit the boot of your car and come with a one-year warranty. They are made in house in the UK from tough, waterproof and non-absorbent materials. They are compatible with many dog guards and boot variations, ensuring that no matter your need, you will have a boot cover that suits.

Our Suzuki boot liners are available as Standard, Rear Plus and Rear Plus with Seat Split. A custom boot liner for the Vitara 2015 Onwards model is also available as Rear Plus with Seat Split and Ski Flap.



Available in seven colour variations to add some personality

May cost more initially than a cargo or luggage tray but is built to last so will pay off in longevity

Designed using the latest scanning technology for the perfect fit and made with durable materials


Locking straps to hold the liner in place and protect back seats and boot walls


Pet-friendly; great for transporting your dog with minimum muck


Compatible with many boot variations


Will properly protect your boot from large spills and extensive dirt, as well as your cargo


Long lifespan


Range of compatible accessories available, including odour mats and extra protection for your pet including partitions, grills and dog guards


Suzuki boot liner information

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