Citroen boot liner information


Boot liners are the perfect way of keeping the boot of your Citroen clean and protected from large spillages, extensive dirt and damage caused by cargo, pets and tools.

Whether you use your car boot for storing muddy walking shoes after a long walk with your dog or organising your camping gear for a weekend away, there is a Hatchbag boot liner for you. The most important things to consider when choosing the right boot liner for your activity-filled lifestyle are its ability to withstand heavy wear and tear, and how easy it is to clean.

This guide will compare manufacturer-made Citroen boot protection with high-quality custom-made boot liners from Hatchbag. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Foam, fabric or rubber mat

General standard shape and design, intended to cover the floor of the boot only

Protects the boot floor from small liquid spills, dirt and pet hair

From £15


Reinforced PVC designed to be tough, high quality, durable and waterproof

Tailored specifically for your car’s boot space to protect the boot and surrounding area

Protects your boot floor and walls the back of your rear seats from large spillages, stains and extensive dirt and damage

From £100

*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Manufacturer-made boot liners from Citroen will cover the floor of your boot in a similar style to a car mat. They allow you to make use of your vehicle boot space without too much worry for general wear and tear. These have a basic design and may be included in the purchase of the car.




Low-quality material

Often branded with the Citroen logo

Basic design—does not protect the walls of the boot space


Universal sizing


Provide little comfort for pets

Rubber Citroen boot liners

Natural rubber boot liners from Citroen are a low-cost option that offers protection to the floor of a vehicle’s boot. They are waterproof but rarely fit the area appropriately, so full protection should not be expected.




Low-quality rubber


Only covers the boot floor—will not protect any other areas


Universal sizing—unlikely to offer full surface protection


Little or no comfort for pets without additional accessories

Heavy-duty liner mat

Heavy-duty liner mats are inexpensive liners that are usually attached to your vehicle boot space using Velcro.




Made from cheap fabric


Unstable under pressure


Lightweight fabric that may not cope with large spillages


May slip during transport


May not provide waterproof protection

Citroen foam boot liner

Citroen branded boot liner to protect the floor of the vehicle boot space.




Universal sizing

Raised edges for added protection

Does not protect the walls or back of rear seats


Low-quality rubber


Little or no comfort for pets without additional accessories


Foam may succumb to wear and tear

Custom-manufactured boot liners

Custom-made boot liners from Hatchbag are designed for your specific car's boot space, fitting around any contours to make full use of the whole boot area. Hatchbag boot liners are designed with quality, practicality and strength in mind. Although custom designs may initially be more expensive than manufacturer-made options, their ability to last as long as your car makes them a worthwhile investment that you will not have to replace.



Custom-made for your specific car model, contoured to the boot and rear seats

May have a higher initial cost compared to manufacturer-made, but longevity will pay off in the long run

Made from high-quality waterproof material


High-quality design made in the UK


High-quality accessories available including rear seat flap and rear bumper flap


Easy to fit


Stays secure and withstands movement


Wipe clean surface


Citroen boot liner information

View our full range of Citroen boot liners here. All of our boot liners are quick and easy to fit, and provide excellent protection against wear and tear from pets and your lifestyle.





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