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Your Lexus is your pride and joy, so it’s important to protect your car from premature wear and tear. This guide has been created to help you find the best boot liner for your specific Lexus model, by comparing manufacturer-made boot protection with custom-made tailored designs. It will cover key factors such as boot liner materials and how well they protect the interior of your car, and also signpost the different Lexus boot liner options available from Hatchbag.

In this guide

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot liners

Manufacturer-made: These are boot liners and floor mats produced by Lexus, often featuring the Lexus branding. The design is usually basic and standard, meaning there is little opportunity to customise for your specific needs.

Custom-made: These mats and boot liners are crafted to match the make, model and boot space of your specific Lexus model. They are available in a wider range of colours, styles and fabrics and provide much more protection to the walls of the boot and back seats compared to manufacturer-made mats and trays with low edges.








Standard materials, e.g. rubber

Tray and mat designs

Fit to boot floor only

Protects boot floor from small spills, mud and dirt, dog hair



High-quality materials, e.g. PVC

Liners individually designed to fit vehicle perfectly

Close fit (attaches to boot walls and seats)

Protects walls and floors from large spills, dirt and pet damage


*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

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Manufacturer-made boot protection

Floor mats

The Lexus boot floor mat is a standard design that will protect your boot space from small spills and dirt. This option only covers the floor of the boot, so offers no protection for the boot walls or the back seats. They are also only available for a limited range of models, so even if you do find a good deal for one, it may not fit your car.



Protects against minor spillages

No protection for boot walls or back seats

Moulded inlay provides grip for valuables

No extras or accessories included

Manufacturer-logo branded

Often basic in design


Only available for certain models

Boot liners

The Lexus boot interior liners are simply designed, manufacturer-branded mats which fit to the floor of your car boot. They have an anti-slip surface to prevent luggage from moving during normal driving conditions, and provide basic protection against spills and dirt. The liners are also compatible with horizontal and vertical cargo nets to organise and restrain light objects.



Raised edges to contain small liquid spillages

Majority of wall space left exposed and unprotected

Easy to clean

Will not contain large spillages

Available with or without a subwoofer

Basic design

Custom-made Lexus boot liner designs

A bespoke Hatchbag boot liner is contoured to the specific dimensions of your car boot for the perfect snug fit. Befitting of the premium quality of your Lexus car, our boot liners are made to last and constructed from only the best damage-resistant PVC. Simple fitting and protection for much of the interior space including boot walls and back of seats, a Hatchbag boot liner is tailored to your specific car make and model. There are lots of personalised options to consider and they are useful when used in conjunction with objects like your dog's bed.



Various colours available with matching trim

Can cost slightly more initially but longevity means investment pays off in the long-run

Durable, waterproof and non-absorbent material


Designed using high-tech scanning technology, for a millimetre perfect fit


Locking straps to hold the liner in place and protect back seats and boot walls


Pet-friendly; great for transporting your dog with minimum muck


Compatible with many dog guards and boot variations


Protection for both the boot and cargo


Lasts the car’s lifetime


Range of compatible accessories available, including odour mats


Lexus boot liner options




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