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If you’re a Mercedes Benz car owner and have a dog you take on muddy country walks or carry camping gear around with you a lot, then this article is written just for you. Your vehicle needs to be sufficiently protected in order to keep it in good condition, but often the car boot space gets neglected. However, a fully tailored boot liner which is easy to install and clean will require minimal maintenance and provide years of quality protection from large spills, dirt, heavy cargo, muddy pet paws and much more.

Mercedes Benz provide a range of accessories for the boots of their vehicles, including floor mats and boot tubs. While these are often branded with the Mercedes Benz logo, they do not offer the same longevity or customisability as a custom liner from Hatchbag.

In this guide, we'll compare manufacturer-made and custom boot liners for Mercedes Benz vehicles to help you find the best solution for you. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Often ordinary materials including carpet and rubber.

Designed for the boot floor or lower-level surface only, leaving boot walls and rear seats unprotected.

Minimal protection from minor spillages, pet hair and dirt. No protection from more extensive damage.



Tough, durable, waterproof materials such as PVC.

Designed to fit your Mercedes Benz perfectly. You won’t need additional protection for the boot walls or multiple overlapping mats/liners.

Full protection for the boot floor, walls and back of rear seats from large spills, cargo, tools, sports and leisure equipment, muddy pet paws and hair, and much more.


*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Boot tubs (deep and shallow)

Mercedes Benz boot tubs have a honeycomb design that stops loads from sliding in the boot, making it easier to keep a stowage crate in place. They are designed to fit flush to the load space and have raised edges that contain minor spills.



Easy to clean

Expensive (from £86.70 for shallow)

Made from break-proof polypropylene

Does not protect back of rear seats

Resistant to acids

Does not protect boot walls


Not comfortable for pets


Not ideal for transporting large or lengthy items that require the lowering of rear seats


Cannot be customised

Load compartment tubs (deep and shallow)

Mercedes Benz load compartment tubs are similar to the boot tubs but are less tailored to the boot area. They are made from a similar material to the boot tubs and are designed to protect your boot area from dirt and scratches.



Made from robust and lightweight plastic


Some branded with Mercedes Benz logo

Won’t protect from large spills and extensive dirt or damage


Won’t protect the boot walls or back of rear seats


Cannot be customised

Reversible mats

Reversible mats from Mercedes Benz are made from 100% polyester. One side is rubberised and non-slip for keeping cargo in place, and the other is a soft velour to protect the boot floor from moisture and dirt.




Susceptible to seepage

Easy to clean

Only protects the boot floor

Some branded with Mercedes Benz logo

Boot walls and back of rear seats left exposed

Precision fit

No protection against large spillages and extensive dirt


Cannot be customised

Custom-made boot liners


Hatchbag boot liners provide a more cost-effective alternative to Mercedes Benz boot protection, which is often expensive and does not provide full coverage of the whole boot space. With Hatchbag, no measuring is required on your part and your liner will fit flush to your boot, held in place with locking straps.

Our boot liners are made from waterproof, non-absorbent reinforced PVC which is wipe- clean and provides long-lasting protection against large spillages, heavy tools and cargo, pet hair and much more. Our liners also have built-in odour control and provide greater comfort for pets compared to rubber and plastic.

The only colour option available for most Mercedes Benz manufacturer-made boot liners is black, but with a custom-made one, you can choose from seven colour variations. They are available with a range of compatible accessories and are offered with a number of upgrade options, including Rear Plus with Seat Split which allows you to fold your car’s rear seats individually or collectively while using the boot liner.


As your boot liner will be fully bespoke to your exact vehicle, it may take our professional team here at Hatchbag a bit longer than the manufacturer to get your Mercedes Benz boot liner ready for you.

Mercedes Benz boot liner information

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