Hyundai boot liner information


Your Hyundai car boot can experience a lot of wear and tear; dirty bikes and sporting gear, greasy tools and other equipment, muddy pets and much more can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle. To prevent this from happening, you should invest in a high-quality boot liner which protects your whole boot and the back of your rear seats.

It may seem simpler to get some manufacturer boot protection accessories, but these rarely cover more than the boot floor and leave your vehicle exposed to large spills and more extensive damage. A custom-made boot liner will keep your Hyundai in the best possible condition for years to come.

Read on for a comparison of manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection, and find out why a custom Hatchbag boot liner is the perfect option for your Hyundai motor. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Standardised materials, often being basic fabrics and rubber that are not designed to be rugged

Shaped and designed in a way that mostly protects the floor of the boot only

Protection from minor spills and dirt but not significant impacts or cuts

£40+ depending on model and availability


High-quality materials, including durable composites and PVC to offer a harder and more resistant boot liner

Designed and built especially to fit your vehicle and your personal needs

Ultimate protection from larger spills. Back seats and boot walls will have the required protection to let you take your car on a range of adventures

£100+ due to better protection and materials used

*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Hyundai stock a range of boot mats and ‘liners’ which are essentially trays with slightly raised edges to contain small spills. These are typically designed for specific Hyundai models and made from rubber with an anti-slip surface, though others are reversible with velour on one side and a dirt-resistant material on the other. Many of these mats and liners are available for vehicles with or without a subwoofer. Others are designed to fit over the top of folded rear seats for transporting long items and cargo.

This means that, with these boot protection options, you may be getting an accessory that is Hyundai-branded but you won’t get the necessary protection for your whole boot area. Because of the design and intended function of the mats and liners, they are not suitable for use all of the time, nor are they able to be customised to suit your personal taste and style.



Usually made-to-measure for specific models

The design of these liners is often incredibly simple and standardised across a model, limiting any potential customisation

Usually branded with the manufacturer logo; Santa Fe boot liners moulded with the Santa Fe city map

The quality of build is often lower than you might get with a custom liner

Relatively inexpensive

You can often only find a replacement at a licensed dealership


Don’t contain large spills


Won’t protect boot walls


Won’t protect from more extensive damage


Won’t protect back of rear seats unless folded and designed specifically to do so


Often only suited to use in particular conditions (i.e., when third-row seats are not in use in seven-seater vehicles)

Custom-made boot liners

Whether you use the boot of your Hyundai for transporting camping gear, luggage or muddy pets after country walks, you will want some high-quality and durable protection that prevents damage and keeps your vehicle’s interior looking its best. Custom-made Hatchbag boot liners are made from reinforced PVC that provides an excellent protective skin for stopping dirt, grime, scratches and large spillages. Our boot liners also have built-in odour control for warding off bad smells.

Hatchbag boot liners are incredibly simple to maintain and will look good-as-new even after years of use. You can also upgrade your boot liner to a Rear Plus for when you need to fold your rear seats, or a Rear Plus with Seat Split if you want to fold your seats individually or together for even more load space.



Designed specifically for your vehicle’s model and year

You can expect to pay slightly more for a custom-made boot liner, but this covers the quality of materials and time taken to tailor a design to your specific vehicle and will pay off in terms of longevity

Contoured to your whole boot area (including walls) and rear seats


Several colour options available to match your personal style


Made from durable reinforced PVC and designed in-house in the UK


Waterproof, non-absorbent fabric with a wipe-clean surface


Compatible with accessories such as dog guards


Built-in odour control


Simple installation


Flush fit; won’t budge during transit


Will last a lifetime


Hyundai boot liner information

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