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Kia is one of the best carmakers on the market, offering great reliability. The spacious boot on each model, from the Sorrento to the Sportage, is very practical and can fit in pretty much everything from camping gear to sports equipment, heavy tools and of course family pets.

With simplistic interiors that are easy to clean—even if it’s muddy paw prints, dirt or spillages that you’re worried about scrubbing off—you can really have it all in a Kia, whatever the model. However, you can’t always predict what’s going to cause lasting damage to the interior of your car boot while transporting around. That’s why you need a high-quality, durable boot liner to protect your vehicle and keep it looking its best for years to come.

We’ve created this guide to compare manufacturer-made boot protection with custom-made boot liners to help you find the right protection for your Kia. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made to custom-made







Usually made from materials such as rubber or carpet. These materials aren’t very long-lasting or ideal to clean.

Often only fitted to the floor of the boot, rather than other areas that also need to be protected from wear and tear, such as the walls.

Only offer protection to the floor of the boot. This leaves the walls and the lid, or the boot flap, susceptible to damage.



Waterproof reinforced PVC that is tough, durable and easy to clean.

Made-to-measure for the exact contour of your boot.

Maximum protection to the boot floor, walls and the backs of your rear seats.


*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

If your boot liner has come straight from the manufacturer, it is often made especially for that exact model will be branded with the Kia logo or the logo of a specific model. This special design can mean that it’ll be much harder for you to find an alternative when the time comes to replace it as they are only available from Kia or verified dealers.

Boot protection isn’t Kia’s main focus, so the designs of these accessories will be extremely simple and not quite as effective as custom-made alternatives. You also won’t be able to customise your boot liner so that it matches the rest of the accessories you’ve put in your car to make it your own. For example, if you’ve decided to get different colour car mats and want your boot area to match.

Trunk liners

Trunk liners from Kia are manufactured for specific models. They are made from semi-rigid plastic and have a textured surface to hold cargo in place. They are more like a tray than a liner, as they featured only slightly lipped edges that do not cover all of the boot walls and no rear seat coverage.



Tailored to specific models and branded with model logos.

Won’t contain large spills or protect against extensive damage.

Water-resistant and anti-slip.

Won’t protect boot walls or rear seats.

Feature a raised edge to contain small liquid spills.

Not always suitable for use when third row seats are in use.

Trunk mats

Trunk floor mats from Kia are reversible with velour on one side and an anti-slip surface on the other. Like the trunk liners, they provide no protection to the boot walls or the back of your seats. They provide even less protection against heavy goods and extensive dirt or spills, meaning they are only appropriate for transporting daily goods under regular driving conditions.



Manufactured for specific models so will fit these specifications.

Only protect the boot floor from minor spills.


Not built for lasting protection.

Compatible with a bumper flap for protecting against muddy paws.

Only suitable for the transportation of small/light goods such as groceries.

Custom-made boot liners


Your Hatchbag boot liner will be shaped so that it blends seamlessly with your whole boot area and the back of your rear seats—no extra measuring necessary. This doubles the level of protection that this material can offer you.

Our custom-made boot liners are designed in the UK and built to last. We understand that as a Kia car owner, you want a well-protected load space for transporting daily goods as well as leisure equipment, luggage, pets and much more. Our quality reinforced PVC boot liners will resist all kinds of dirt, damage and wear and tear, and have a wipe-clean surface for easy maintenance.

You also have a range of colour and customisation options to choose from, so you’re not stuck with the standard black you would get with accessories from the manufacturer.


It’ll be more expensive for a custom made boot liner, however, this comes with quality assured. More costly materials will be used to ensure that your boot is as protected as it can be, with a sleek and high-quality finish that exactly fits your vehicle.

It may take our team at Hatchbag a little bit longer than you’re probably expecting to create the perfect boot liner. However, this is so it’s made to the highest standard for you.

Kia boot liner information







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