Land Rover boot liner information


If you own a Land Rover and own a dog who regularly has muddy paws from long country walks, or like to go wild camping with lots of gear, then you will need a high-quality liner to protect your boot space from damage.

This guide will compare Land Rover manufacturer-made boot accessories with custom-made boot liners from Hatchbag across key considerations such as material and coverage/protection. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Usually made from common materials such as rubber and carpet.

Mats and trays are designed for covering the boot floor only. Some liners will fit all carpeted areas including walls and the back of rear seats.

No rear seat or boot wall coverage, meaning these surfaces are left exposed to dirt and damage.



High-quality, durable PVC that is waterproof, tough and non-absorbent.

Made-to-measure for your exact make and model so it fits flush to your whole boot area including boot walls and the back of rear seats.

Will provide maximum protection from large spills, extensive damage and the transportation of cargo, tools, sports equipment, etc.


*Custom made example based on Hatchbag designs.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Loadspace mats and trays

The loadspace mats are available in rubber for most models and carpet for select models (Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport). The loadspace trays are made from a semi-rigid material. Many of these are branded with the Land Rover logo.



Rubber is strong, water-resistant and easy to clean.

Won’t contain large spills or protect against extensive damage.

Some mats are reversible, with one side being carpet and the other being rubber. They can be folded out so that they cover the back of the rear seats when they are folded down.

Mats only cover the boot floor so won’t protect the back of rear seats when not folded or the boot walls when seats are folded and covered by an extender (available separately).

Trays are waterproof, with a lipped edge for containing dirt and small spills.

Simple design.


Trays are incompatible with many other accessories.


Expensive considering the minimal protection offered.

Loadspace full protection liner

The loadspace full protection liner offers total coverage to all areas of the boot area, including the roof. It is more suited to transporting dirty boots, garden waste and sport or camping equipment rather than pets or luggage.



Provides protection to the boot floor, walls, roof and back of rear seats.

Not a flush fit.

Panel drops down for loading and acts as a bumper protector.

Basic design.

Kept in position with anchors.

Not compatible with many other accessories.


Doesn’t allow you to fold rear seats for extra load space.


Enclosed space so not ideal for pets.

Quilted loadspace liner

These liners provide more complete protection for your Land Rover boot than the floor mats and trays, as they cover the walls and rear seatbacks. They are made from a soft quilted material that provides some comfort for pets and they are compatible with full/half-height luggage partitions.



Covers all carpeted areas of the boot including floor, back of rear seats and walls.

Quilted material is susceptible to odour retention.

Anti-slip rubber base.

More expensive than alternatives.

Detachable bumper protector.

More water-absorbent than other materials.

Custom-made boot liners


You’ll be pleased to learn that a Hatchbag boot liner will be designed and shaped to perfectly fit into the entire boot area of your Land Rover vehicle, as well as the back of your rear seats without any additional measurements.

Our custom-made Land Rover boot liners are designed right here in the UK and are made to last. We’re proud to say that our waterproof and non-absorbent reinforced PVC boot liners will resist wear and tear, stay clean from dirt and be easy to clean and maintain. They offer excellent protection from pet damage and even have built-in odour control.

Instead of being forced to choose a black boot liner (the only option you're given with accessories from the manufacturer), you can choose from a wide selection of colours and customisation options with a Hatchbag boot liner. This includes upgrades to Rear Plus for when you need to fold all of your second row seats for extra loading space and still need that extra protective skin, or Rear Plus with Seat Split which lets you fold these seats individually or collectively.

Compared to Land Rover accessories, some of which can cost close to £300, our liners are more affordable and cost-effective without compromising on quality or style.


As your boot liner will be fully tailored to the exact specifications of your vehicle, it may take our expert team slightly longer to get your liner ready for you in comparison with ready-made accessories from the manufacturer.

Land Rover boot liner information




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